Elephants Dream on German TV

Hi, I was quite surprised when I saw a short report about Elephants Dream (among some other projects) and the idea behind Open Source and other open licenses on 3sat, a German TV station this afternoon. The topic of this story was ‘Cinematics on the net’.

Here’s a link (German only):


yes! GREAT! unfortunately i missed it. damn!

Oh, just as I saw your answer - there’s an online stream available, showing the report in full length, even longer than the original one on TV.

yes, just watched it! :slight_smile:
they didn’t mention blender, did they? they only talked about open-source-projects…

Ha, saw it by accident. No they didn’t mention Blender :frowning: and that guy in with the huge beard (who was it?) should have at least mentioned that people got all the files to render/modify the film on their own on the DVD. That would have made the OpenSource approach of ED more clear.

That “Spin” movie was awesome.


they repeated it at 7.00am today. at 9.45am they will send it again.

it was nice! he mentioned blender, he just didn’t say the name “blender”. :slight_smile: but he forgot to mention that all the content is open too…

The ‘man with the huge beard’ is >Ossi Urchs, often referred to as ‘THE Internet Guru’ on German TV. I’m an Internet Developer and so he inspired me to modify a photo of my colleague Peter and me - aren’t we looking like real Internet Gurus with all this hair? :smiley:


Well I’d say those beards are really ridiculously small compared to the one of that guy :smiley:

He is an islamist terrorist!! <-- stupid american/european cliché :expressionless:


missed it…but congrats!!