Elephant's dream production files as iso images?

After downloading BBB production files as iso images, I tried to do the same with ED. As far as I can tell, the production files for ED are not available as images:


I find downloading dozens of files from here


to be very cumbersome. Are there any other servers hosting the images?
Do such images actually exist online?

I’d welcome any suggestions.

I’m pretty sure wget should work on the given blendertestbuilds.de link.

besides you can alway’s search torrent trackers,
these are after all licensed as CC so it’s legal.

just load the video into Blender’s VSE, set your end frame, choose png or jpg as your output format, and render.

It didn’t occur to me to look for a torrent so I followed your suggestion. It can be traced but there are no seeders so using p2p is not really an option. I agree with you that wget isan option albeit not the most convenient one. It appears that it’s the only alterantive though.

Maybe I was not clear enough about what I’m searching. I was referring to the production files (i.e. blend files, textures etc). What you’re suggesting will just render each frame to a separate png file which is not what I want. I’d love to look at the production files for study purposes.

@eveyrone else
Given that I will download all production files and make an image for personal use, do you think that others will be interested in the dvd images as well? If so, I can upload them to the Internet Archive.

Ah, sorry. I have the DVDs, and i just checked the store and there are no more, sadly. I use Download Helper plugin to Firefox. When you hit a site with lots of links, it will crawl them and put them in a download list and then you just light it off and it goes. It’s like the original Spider crawler, if you remember that.

DownloadHelper is a very cool plugin which, unfortunately, does not work with this specific site! :frowning:
A recursive wget, as Felix suggested, would be the ideal solution but for some reason it seems to be disabled by the sysadmin of the site. At least that’s my conclusion for I can’t get it to work with this site and it works with every other site I checked.
Anywayz, I’ve been downloading the files for the past few hours and I expect to finish sometime tonight.
I will make an iso for each dvd and upload to IA; it might save time for others in the future.

Btw, some of the files in the texture folders have pretty weird extentions, such as *.aa *ab etc. Are these tmp storage files which will be converted after unzipping or am I missing something?

Recursive wget works now.

Hey, it’s good to know but I’m done downloading so this came a bit too late.
Btw, some dirs which were visible eariler this afternoon, like the one mentioned in my post above, seem to have vanished? What happened?