elephants dream production iso

hi, i was wondering if an iso image of teh production files of elephants dream exists.

i know that i can find them all here: http://xseed.bowiestate.edu/ED/production/,

but i was wondering if there exists an iso, so that i wouldnt had to dl the files one by one etc. almost like browsing a cd would it be then

so, does anyone know of it?

what files 1 by 1?? the movie is all in one part, as if your thinking of the model cd/blend files i think u gota buy those, they arent free couze before the movie was realeased it was sold for like $35

Actually all files are free, but I think it is a file by file download. The DVD set was produced and presold for fundraising purposes only. Well that and it just looks dang cool.

I would love to get the making offs… “documentaries” … are they free and around somewherE?

you can find them on youtube,


I was on the site yesterday, and all the files are in a 1.1gig file, called elephant.production.tar.gz; http://xseed.bowiestate.edu/ED/elephant.production.tar.gz . If someone has used before, where do you find the finished scenes ready for render?