Elephants Dream

I saw Elephants Dream a few days ago. Thought it was great for showing off Blender’s abilities such as motion blur etc. The story itself well… that was something of a total mystery to me. It was like looking at a Dali painting.
Surreal movies are just confusion. When I was in school we studied lots of foreign shorts most seemed to be surreal. Does anyone know if another film will be made, and will it have a more traditional story? I showed the film to a friend who liked the animation, thought it looked very professional but the story she did not understand. The title Elephants Dream anyone know what that means. Thumbs up for a great animation


I’m not sure but I think I heard that Dutch fairytales often ends with “And then the elephant came and blew everything away”.

The story is a little bit confusing but basically it’s about two guys one who seemed to live their long, Proog, and Emo, the new guy that just recently got there. Proog is teaching Emo the beutyfullness of all the machines that works perfectly, but Emo is more the guy who like living things. So at the end Emo send his living things at Proog to kill him, but Proog kills Emo instead and the things stop trying to kill Proog.

hmm, an elephant came and blew it all away? I’ve been living here all my live now, but… that one I’m sure I never heard before. Most fairytales we know are still Grimm and standard little red ridin’ hood etc.

However, Elephants Dream… definately rules

It goes a little something like “…en toen kwam er een olifant met een grote snuit en die blies het verhaaltje uit.” It really is quite common, though I think not on fairytales, but on general children’s stories.

Thanks Robin, I thought there were in some human brain and whatever Emo thought happened. to protect Emo, proog hit him, knocking him out, but you are probably correct. By the way I have read some reviews and they were very positive. I think taht a more mainstream idea should be for the next film
It would bring much more attention to this great program


Just watched it for the first time myself this week. I agree, animation was great, technically wonderful. But all that work for a story I didn’t even understand. I showed it to a few people to show what blender can do, the only reaction I got was “I didn’t get the story.”

Anybody know of a nice “happy” example I can show people, that shows off blender as well as elephant’s dream? It is animation after all.

(Nobody take this the wrong way, I definitely think the project was worth it. Major props to the “dream” team)

There are some more “mainstream” examples on the Blender3d gallery / movie pages :


There have been a couple of threads here discussing the movie, and the major theme of most comments is “looks great … but what the heck did it mean”. Same thing on IMDB.com.

My .02 is that the Orange team missed a good opportunity to reach more people if they had done something more “accessible” storywise. That doesn’t mean it has to be cute with furry animals :slight_smile:

Here’s a great script for a short :smiley:


This might sound crazy but “The Incredibles” made over 250 million in the States alone. It seems to me that a movie like that could be made in Blender. What the people at blender should consider is making a mainstream film for worldwide release. i know is is next to impossible to get a deal for distribution but if a great story was found think of the possibilites.


At blender.org there is now a link to “Plumiferos” a more mainstream, full feature, made with Blender and other Open Source Software.
The trailers and screenshots are fantastic. Wonderful stuff.
Check it out at http://www.plumiferos.com/

Plumiferos is a commercial venture, but many great innovations to Blender will result from it.

Just like we all benifited from the work done unlocking the mysteries of what elephants dream of.:smiley:

Here is something one ED viewer said. I thought it was very insightfule so I kept it.

As I have read several messages saying that the story was poor, or difficult to understand, I’d want to tell you what I have understood for my own. It is only my point of view, and I’d be very pleased to read yours!
I have to say that I have special reasons to like it, because I’m a lucid dreamer.
I have studied dreams for at least 20 years on my free time, and I have written a book about lucid dreams.
Even being often lucid while dreaming, I early noticed that some characters, supposed to be created by my imagination, seemed to be really autonomous.
I have encountered some of them who were sure that they were sleeping and dreaming and that “I” was the product of their own imagination!
I called these characters the “Rebels”.
In fact, our counscious and our unconscious can be considered as two independent characters, playing or fighting together in the dream world.
When we are aware that we are dreaming, we (our conscious) believe that this is sufficient to do everything we wish to do! This is really an error, because we share the environment with our unconscious, and most of the decor and events are made by “him” !
In the movie, Proog seems to believe that he was “here” first, and wants to show the world (called the machine) to Emo. In his mind, Emo is a visitor, a newbie.
For my own, I see Proog like the dreamer who thinks he is lucid, and believes that because of that he can master the situation.
At the end of the story, the unconscious, enbodied by Emo, shows to Proog that he doesn’t master anything.
Thrown into confusion, Proog hits Emo’s head and the dream stops…
That can be understood as a metaphor : When the plans of the unconscious are discovered by the conscious, often the dream stops.
I think also that there are many symbols in the movie.
At the beginning, there are hundreds of cables and plugs, establishing connections. They can be seen as synapsis establishing neuronal connections. It is the starting point of a bad dream, a kind of nightmare in which Proog flees from un unknown danger, like in many nightmares.
The danger itself has no importance. In a night mare, you generally have to escape. The escape is the main goal,and you do not have time to think about what is really the threat!
When Proog and Emo arrive at the end of the strange footbridge, there is no more way to go. Apparently they can’t escape, but the dream has just started and it is not time for a end.
As often in dreams, the unconscious quickly makes a change in the story, introducing a new scene. This is the job of the typewriter robot: he symbolizes the work of the unconscious writing the next scene of the screenplay.
The keys of the typewriter appear under the feet of the characters, and allow them to continue their way, making a link over the nothingness, until a new scene is constructed…
Much more could be said about the movie, but I’m sure that many people will write some comments here in the next days, so thats enough!
Just few more things : Have I said that the animation was great ? That the texture were very good? That I liked the music ? That the whole movie was Great ?

This is the most interesting post I’ve read about ED!

digiman: you can take the title in many ways. to me it’s a big dark lump, a scary secret everyone know about, but can’t face it. until you have to.


Looks like ED movie will be the most commented movie ever! It’s a Cult already!

SDJ, you have a very interesting point of view. I want everyone to understand I am not putting the movie down. Like I said before great animation , pobably as good as what you would see in a theatre, the music
when they first were running was first rate, but the bottom line is that a movie has to be entertaining not confusing. A good story would do much more for Blender’s rep. I also think that part of making this fantasy movie was to show off Blender’s capabilites, which it did. So people don’t understand I liked this movie.