Elephont Question

I know i did this years ago but i can’t remember how to import elephont’s dxf into blender. Do i need an older verison of blender cause I have 2.20 if need be.

Open the file directly through File/Open…

if that worked i would prolly shoot myself. I’ve tried loading the file but nothing happens… once i press load file i’m brought back to the plane

just gave it a try, nice program :slight_smile:
yeah just file open … works fine here.
before opening remove plane.
Maybe have a look in outliner to see if you have anything in there, could just be too big or small to see.

elephont 1.4
blender 2.36

Yes, I tried it just to be sure. Blender is able to open dxf files directly, at least with Elefont. And you’d have to delete the default object afterwards. I thought Blender defaults to a cube now? You might consider upgrading to the latest version. Also, I hope you don’t have a gun lying around… :o
One thing I noticed is that it generates a lot of doubles and stray vertices, so you may have to clean them up to lighten the mesh. Also, the letters are separate objects, so you may have to Ctrl J to join them to a single mesh.
BTW, is the mesh cleanup script broken? I tried it on the elefont dxf, and chose only to delete stray verts, but Blender froze after this… had to open the file again and manually delete the stray verts through select connected and inverse selection.

Ah, finally…it turns out it wasn’t blender, it was elefont. I had to extrude the letters just a little so the saved dxf file is altered in such a way blender can open it. Eh, I don’t have a gun around anyways :-?

Maybe you don’t know Blender supports TTF? The moment I heard it (2.27?), I shot Elefont to the moon and said ‘hail yeah’.

True, but I think Blender cannot make Asian/Greek/Arabic fonts, so you have to create them elsewhere and import them.

And Elefont lets you extrude and bevel them in more ways than Blender can. Would be great if you could also import .ai curves to it. Could be useful for making logos and such… I wonder why Blender isn’t trying to develop such functions internally? Bevel styles, I mean…