Elevation dxf

Hi, i tried to export dxf form blender and it exports everything selected in 3D. The thing that I need is exporting elevations and sections. There is an addon that helps with section drawings, but it provides only cross sections. And when I say sections by that I mean cross section of the model with visible elements form the background. As example I am attaching a section done in Archicad.

After 5 days of searching for an answer, here is what I got.

The only way to do this is by exporting model into freecad as obj file. It is not that complicated because everything is happening in PART macro.
In freecad the principle is like this:
In part tab do as follows

  1. Convert it from mash to part
  2. Convert part to solid
  3. Create a copy - refine shape
  4. Click on the last element - create a copy - create a simple copy
  5. Choose everything above and delete it

When we converted it into desired type we can take dxf projections of it.

This works on simple and on complex models as well with no problem.

I’ll do tutorial on YT on this topic and will share it here.