Elevations needed!

Hi folks.

I’m going to start seriously studying topology and mesh modelling. Can anyone suggest a good site for front/top/side elevation pictures of varying objects? I don’t really mind what the subjects are.


play around yourself and improve over time :slight_smile: i think that is the best way to do it.

they are not different projects, it all started with the same plan, to make a character based on a slashart… i was happy with the first resoult. but as i kept working on the body, i reliced that the head was not really that good… so i made a new one. MUCH better!

however, i learned a few tips as i progressed… and i wanted to try another time… again MUCH better…

going from 2600 Verts to 1100 Verts to 545 Verts, and also the models being much better for each time.

guess what, NO tutorials! i have learned everything by seeing others work, as in posts on this forum, and random videos that is not tutorial based.

think i can improve the last head? i think so. but not yet. now im reworking the whole body part by part, and seeing the verts drop, mesh looking better for every area i improve. this is something to be proude of!