question "how do u make a botton do more tthat one function in game logic " example

elevator up and down using , say the space bar handling both functions .Does there
have to be script for that?

You can use states. Have state 1 be the “down” sate and setup logic bricks like so:

Sensor:Collision(proerty:player) -- > Controller: And --> Actuator: Ipo (play, elevator going up)
Sensor:Keyboard(space)   ---------/                    \--Actuator:SetState(2)

One state two, have something similar except play an ipo going down (or just in reverse) and set the state to state 1. Also, give the player a “player” property. It can be of any type.

I hope you can understand my diagram ^.^


Yeah states are a way of doing it, or for an elevator you could use a ping pong IPO… but states are better 'coz they work for more things.