Eleven Thousand Galaxies

Made this in a 3-day weekend. It shows accurately positioned and scaled images for 11,710 galaxies from a combination of ALFALFA data (for the positions) and SDSS data (for the actual images). Every galaxy shown is unique - no duplicates - and displayed at its correct position in 3D space. They are however exaggerated in size by a factor 10-20 in order to make them clearly visible.

The first part of the video shows the galaxies as they appear on the sky, the second is a flythrough in 3D space. The ALFALFA survey is only 40% complete, hence the large gaps. I will of course post an updated version when it reaches 100% completeness…

… Okay I admit it, space is bigger … much much bigger than I thought it would be !
BTW nice project I have no idea how did you place every single galaxy accurately in 3D space?! is this made in blender? how did you import the ALFALFA & SDSS data?

Awesome, I love this! Always cool to see the greater part of the visible universe.

Thanks !

MUFQ : Yes, this is Blender. I wrote a little section on my website describing the process, including some Python code (this is all Blender 2.49 - at some point I’ll make the time to learn Python 3 but I only just about feel comfortable with 2.6…)