Elf Archer WIP [First complete Blender project]

:smiley: Hi everyone. It’s my first post here.

I’m Althar (some people may know me as Lerlik on the reanim8ed forum).
I’ve been using Blender for about 4 months or so. It’s not my firt modeling software, I also use anim8or (wich is the one I started with).

At first when I tryed out Blender, it was ages ago, and I couldn’t manage to get pass through the hard interface (learning wise :wink: ) it had, and after trying a few things without any success, I decided it was too complicated, and just let it go.

About 4 months of so, one of my friends asked me about 3d modeling program, saying that he wanted to start modelling too. I directed him to Anim8or and Blender, and Blender was the one he had chosen.
To help him out, I forced myself :smiley: to learn how to use the program, and once I got past the awkward learning phase, I got to see Blender was a fantastic software :smiley: .

Anyway, I’m on the WIP forum, so i’m not here to tell my life…:stuck_out_tongue:

Recently I started working on head, using the “box modelling” technique (wich I’m still learning). As it turned out, I decided it was going to be more than juste a head, as I planned to make a bust out of it (for basic animation, facial morphing tests, lip synching => Things wich I haven’t tryed in Blender yet).

I reworked the face hundreds of times, because it didn’t please me, but I think I finally found a face wich I liked.
I still have a few things to do on the head, such as the ears, tweak the eyes (I can’t really manage to see whats wrong with them, if someone could point it out to me :smiley: ).

As for the subject “Elf archer”, I’m fund of medieval fantasy stuff, and so I decided to turn my guy into an elf archer. To help myself imagine the final character, and maybe think about new elements to add, I imported my render into GIMP, painted hair, colored the clothes, added a leather strap wich is part of the quiver (reference to the archer :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m thinking of adding a chain or medalion of some kind.



Anyway, hope you like it!!:smiley:
C&Cs welcome.

Welcome, and that looks awesome! Are you planning on doing what you did in GIMP, in Blender?

Well I used GIMP to try out stuff, and plan what I was going to do, so yes, I intend to model what I painted :stuck_out_tongue: .

The great thing with softwares using filters, is that you can add whatever you want on a picture :smiley: .
This method allows you to really think your progress through.

Yeah, that’s lookin really cool. I had no idea that stuff was even possible with the Gimp (yeah, I’m quite a beginner), I guess I’ll have to look into learning how to use it. Good job.