Elf Archer

Hi! This is a new work I did during the week.





She’s great, her face is well modeled and nice expression. I just think her clothes could of been done better, right now they feel like an after thought.

great work man! Looks really cool kudos

Nice work.

The weave of the cloth isn’t following the flow of the fabric and so the heavy texture isn’t really paying off.
Also the bow looks crude and like it really wouldn’t flex at all…
Face texture looks great. Face structure is pretty good but looks less good at. 3/4.

I think you may not have enough depth to the face and are a little flat.

Keep 'em coming!

Ricardo, as usual great job! but I agree with the others about the bow and the clothes, but about the materials they look very nice, its an elf and the materials look like what elfs could put their hand on, primorous job man, her face is amazing, it have personality, we usually see ultra realism on these forums, put usually none of them have a great expression like that, congratulations!

Thanks guys!!

It really still has much to improve, especially in the arch as you mentioned. I think agent is only so much time working that we can see these flaws only after looking at other people =]

Maybe after I make a new rendering improving these points =]

First of all, she looks like a girl I know very well. Incredible!
I love this work Ricardo! A real elf to me !
I noticed this work on blendernation.
Yeah, after michaelw, the weave doesn’t follow the cloth. I don’t know how well you know the tricks under UV editor.
Try the follow active, maybe it can be helpful. It works like this: select a face, UV it, make it rectangular under UV editor. As being selected, select all faces and ask for follow active UV. In case you haven’t use it. Sorry, just saying.
I prefer to make seams though, actually, seams on cloths have to be visible, like in real word.

Thanks for the comments and tips Michalis!

me gusta stu.

This is great work that suffers from poor lighting… but because it’s in ‘finished’, I’m not sure if you’re looking for any help.

Good job, but the topology on the forehead could use a lot of rework.

excellent, I do have a crit’ though. on the bow, the grain should flow with the curvature of the bow.

Like your work.
You seem to have a lot of crits on the bow - I’d have to agree with them - archery is one of my sports.
I uploaded a bow and arrows to Blendswap today - based on my own personal bow.
Might be a bit modern for your image, but could be modified to suit with different textures.
Just a thought.
Keep Blending!

What type of bow is that