elf head and more

This has taken me a long time but I am learning alot
some things to do
tweek the hair model
make ear holes
skin tex
any sugestions
also thanks all for the tuts in the forums

Nice modelling, it’s looking good so far. IMHO the elf should have smaller ears, but elves vary a lot so I don’t know.
Good work!

based on other work (not mine since i haven’t attempted a head) , the only critic is to fix that crease running on both sides of the his head. the one froms behind the hair to the corners of the mouth.
other than that I really like the style of an elf with big ears.

did some work on the hair and eyes( the eyes aren’t done yet) I still need to add some more hair I can see a little bald spot. I got rid of most of the crease on the cheek to many verts on the cheek. the planes of hair are casting shadows that I dont like I’ll have to try and fix that. also some wierd horazontal banding or glare on the hair I dont know what its from.

just a few crits…

the nostrils seem a bit strange, like the fold of flesh at the back of them shouldnt be there, and the septum(?) the part between the nostrils that usually forms smoothly down into the upper lip isnt there, and the bridge of the nose makes the face seem a little flat, like either it needs to be forward more, or the eyes need to be back a little bit more.

oh, and the eyes seem a little too far apart maybe? not sure about that, but the area between the bridge of the nose and the innermost part of the eyes does seem quite flat.

otherwise this is a great start. the ears will be cool once you have defined them a bit , and the eyes look great, just great. they really capture you on the last render (and hold your attention too!)


IMHO, the ears should be attached lower on the head (in the same place as a normal human’s).

Can’t wait to see more.

nice… really cute somehow… esp. the mouth… though the nose looks wierd as already said.
And sorry to say that, but the ears make her(?) look like a donkey. :smiley:

for your hair shadows: you’ll have to select the button “trashadow” on the material that receives the shadow.

Love the eyes they really look very realistic. keep up the good work! (are you going to have a regular skin tex or a greenish or sumthin?)

I have done some uv maping and worked on the skin alittle looking at the lips on this big render I can see they need alittle more work at the corners, and the left eye is poping out. once I get the hair fixed up I want to try eye lashes.

I like the overall skin txture, I’d turn down the specular and hardness on the skin itself. It’s a little too plastic- looking.

This looks great and is improving all the time.

Just a general comment. There seems to be a tendancy for animators to try to make everything look too “real world” The nostrils for example are an unusual shape, but I have never met an elf, perhaps their nostrils are that shape lol!

If aardman animations wanted reality for Wallace and Grommit, they should have just got an actor and a dog and filmed them. Wallace had a mouth like Cherie Blair (UK Prime Ministers Wife) and was all the better for It lol!

small up date.I have been playing with sss from this thread.


I like the resaults but I cant seem to reproduce this render :< I’ll figure it out. I will go back to working on the hair now but its tedious I like to render alot and the hair slows everything down.

did some modeling (I dont know how to add a nude warning in the title if a mod wants to go ahead)

this is the hand for my elf I am having a hard time with the nails my question is should I start over with a new hand or try to work with what I have made so far. I know I can tweek this frame work into a nice hand does any one see any probs with the mesh hand or body? How bad are 5 poles? I have alot. no tries or 6 poles (I think ) any advice on modeling? I am realy asking about the mesh not the overall look.I like what I have so far I just need some detail eye lids, knee caps and so one. I dont plan on animating but I will rig so I can pose. my next job is clothes. btw I know about work flow but I’m not at work :smiley:
sorry about the wide post

did some modeling (I dont know how to add a nude warning in the title if a mod wants to go ahead)

Go to your original post when you have signed in, top right next to the ‘quote’ button is the ‘edit’ button, press and amend.

Keep up the good work!

Its a good start sofar…

Modeling the hands are always a problem at first… my method for modeling them is to scan a pic of your hand [or some one elses depending on gender] and then using those pics for reference… that should get you pretty darn close to the basic shape… plus take time to compare your model with your own hand… when it comes to the nails the only thing i can tell you is to tweak the hell out of them till they look good to you.

as for the rest of the body my only crit at this point is with her breasts… something just dont seem right… there kinda flat and look like they may be too far appart…

thats about all i can thinik of for right now… but keep going this is turning out pretty good…


some clothes, the shirt I made the pants started as a copy of her legs.
xm4r5h4llx my wife said the same thing about the chest and I think I fixed it. btw I looked at your site my elf looks alittle like cat girl lol
looking at this as I preview her knees might be to low?

some more clothes. I know a lot of problems with this render :o but I am still working at it


looking good… the clothing is coming along prety nicely the lacing is pretty well done too… and yeah the elf does kinda resemble the cat girl… i think its in the ears lol…

Boobs too far apart! Otherwise it’s acctully pretty good. Can’t wait for the final render :slight_smile: