Elf Woman

This is the first time ive shared my artwork other than with my friend, it is also my first medium-high poly humanoid so the anatomy isnt exactly correct but im doing the best i can.

im not set on the skin colour of the model so if you have one you think would look better just post it. any suggestions for things to alter would be appreciated. so without further ado here is my elf woman.

-changed background to white
-brand new head
-slimmed the ears
-shrank the chest more
-changed skin again

top half wireframe view:

current model:

Maybe try again. The face modelling looks quite inaccurate. :slight_smile:

well, I want to critique quite some things:

1.: I would prefer a blueish skin-tone rather than gray or pink
2.: she needs hips that fit to her chest. She has quite some
width on her “upper body”, and her hipps seem way to thin for
that width.
3.: Her right arm (the left when we take the pictures!) is different than
the other, it is quite thin in the middle, where it should not be :slight_smile:

So a few “tipps”: Delete half of her and then use a mirror-modifier.
So she will be symmetric. Then, when the modell is finished, apply the
mirror and give her some assymetric details :slight_smile:

For a high.poly-model, the head seems to be quite low-poly. What about
having more round edges. Also, could you show a whire-frame??

Hope to help :slight_smile:

i think the grey tone suits better than the other two…

thanks for the replies

hehe i did use a mirror modifier but it looks uneven because i have the camera not centered in the middle its off to the right a bit.

for the face yeah thats a hard section to get correct from farther away she looks pretty old somehow. ill work on the face some more and try to get it more… whatever haha

i had her waist and stomach larger but i thought that it would look better slimmed down even if a bit less realistic but maybe ill make them larger again, i didnt want a completely blown out of porportion model but i also still wanted my model to look kinda sexy

Gah, scary face…

you really need to work on this dude/.

scary face? haha you actually made me laugh with that one. and logun, thanks tips, thats why its in the work in progress section =D i AM workng on this every day actually, by tomorrow i should have that wireframe view someone wanted and maybe ill be able to make my face not “gah, scary”

edit: okay i was inspired enough to do some quick work on it tonight so the pics are updated and i think ive decided to use the grey skin, now to decide on which fabric pattern. anyone else think the chest is still too big? i made it a bit smaller but to me it looks like it could go a little bit smaller

How about leaf-shape ears rather than donkey? :wink:

But really, be prepared to make a few hundreds/thousands of sketch models before perfection. :slight_smile:

yeah, i dont expect to make this perfect any time soon or at all really but this project kind of inspires me so i dont imagine my getting tired of this project anytime soon.

as for leaf ears, what kind of leaf? there are many =p

updated the model again, taking into conscideration that my head was “gah, scary” i made an entirely new head, this one still kind of… incorrect, but id like to know what you guys think about this new head, the ears were also slimmed and made completely straight, the chest i thinned out again and i also changed the skin from purple to “human” skin colour.

comments are welcome

Can’t comment without a pic :wink:

what do you mean? the image is the one shown in the first post, i replaced the old one with the new one