(rep-re-crea) #1

I just made my first playable demo ready for download!
It’s called elf at the moment but it will change…theres no monsters or plot yet, only the character an first area…it’s in my website.
you can’t miss it!
Please tell me what you think!


(joecool) #2

It looks pretty good, but you should post a little more to get more responses.

Try some of these ideas.

**try using armatures and making a walk cycle with moving arms etc.
It will make the game more realistic. If you had a walk cycle, the demo would already be 100% better. no lie. making a character walk really adds a lot.

**slow him down a bit.
he’s going way to fast to be walking.

**Give him some kind of turning animation.
it looks kind of dumb the way he turns. really, adding armatures liven up the game.

**WAY to many vertices.
if you put any textures in, the game would run way slow.

**put some materials on the ground and stuff.
that way when he goes up a little hill, gravity can pull him down. makes for more realisticism.

Try some of that stuff. Don’t worry, we all start somewhere…:slight_smile: you should see my first game engine stuff…(I never posted it.)

Good look with your game :smiley:

(gargola) #3

i’m going to try it right now. :slight_smile:

(gargola) #4

rep-re-crea:please check your mail. :slight_smile:

(saluk) #5

Really great little world. You have a good graphics eye, and I don’t think it’s too many vertices. As long as your aiming for the higher end systems rather than the lower end systems, your target audience wont have too much trouble :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see some more of it, some more animation on the main character would be nice. Also, if you select the camera and go to the animation settings (the button with a squiggly arrow) you can set it to be a slow parent, so that it doesn’t seem so rigidly attached to your character.

(rep-re-crea) #6

i struggle with making animations, especially doing two animations on one armature…for some reason i choke when i try that.
when i played the gravity was fine to me…it just needs fine tweaking.
I could use a lower amount verticies…i just gotta get used to it! :smiley:
thanx for all the comments…i’ll keep you all updated with how its going.