hey this is an elf i made drew with pencil i then inked it out so i could scan it, then took into the gimp and coloured it

what do you think?

i am a begeginer in 2d media so please tell emw whatt i am doing wrong


Not bad for just starting out. I saw another thread, I think, where you were asking if you needed 2D skills to be a good 3D artist. Try this site:


Go through Loomis’ books, starting with Fun with a Pencil. That should get you started pretty quickly.

I would suggest looking into getting the Book How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. If you are looking to draw comic style. When you can someday take some life drawing Courses they will increase your ability substantially.

thanks for your comments, i dont really want to be an amzing drawer (though it wouldnt be all bad) i just really want to be able to draw my own concept for my 3d models


Do you have a sketchbook? If not, you should get one… or make one (staple a bunch of copy paper together). Make it a point to have it with you at all times. Put all of your ideas into it. If you find yourself not doing anything, pull it out and start trying to sketch the most interesting shape you see.

Trust me. Your ideas will flow like water and your general artistic skill will increase by an order of magnitude.

Yeah, if u got nothing better to do, just draw. That’s what me and my friend do. We just come up with comic characters and draw them. Just don’t do what we do and consider school time a time where you have nothing better to do.