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http://img187.echo.cx/img187/6654/elfad028ut.th.jpg :stuck_out_tongue: bloop bloops

Do elves get boob jobs?

Excelent !

Really nice model.

But, are the shoulders a bit too narrow?


looks reallu good. my only crit is that the ears look a little to low in some of the pics other than that look great

hey i think there should be a warning on this topic as in for nudity

Very good job. I’m curios about a wireframe… :slight_smile:


I think her breasts are too big compared to the rest of her body. I know it’s meant to be a fantasy creature, not strictly human, but her ‘elfin’ proportions make her look young and a bit girlish, while her chest makes her look, uhm, a bit more womanly. It just seems like a weird contrast to me.

Only thing is that the niples seem to be moved away from the boobs. It should be flatter and closer to the breasts. (See what I mean, even the lets call it “the-outer-ring-of-the-niples” seem too far removed from the breasts, the edge should be less thick. Even almost not visible in the model.

lol i just notesed that they look like cones

there rest of it WOW very good

ok the ring around the nipple is called the areola and it does seam to pock out a little to far but it does look really good

Thanks for all your comments, help too much.

Nude?, well, is only a 3d model, are not a human nude :wink:
but you can view any xxx in the images?

… maybe soon :o
more views:

R: the breast problem. A: the screenshots have a perspective on.

fix the errors in shoulders.
need more work but i find the cg perfect way: the patience

http://img236.echo.cx/img236/6514/clipboard013wi.jpg http://img236.echo.cx/img236/9698/clipboard020yr.jpg


need more critics please

Umm… Very nice uh… topology you have on that beuaty… Agan the nipple problem. They need to rotate towards the outside just a tad. I love the model though. Very well done.

I will be interested to see the finished product…


Uhhh… I wish I could model like this (or at least have the patience to, lol)

That’s really nice. I agree with zog34 about the nipple problem.
And there’s a strange crease all around her waist.
Appart from that, no crits at all :slight_smile:

Great modelling. Some minor points - Shoulder should be wider, neck shorter and thinner (looks like a male bodybuilders:), and where are the latissimus dorsi (the muscles running along the sides of the back.) And I second the request for a wire.

edit: Bellorum’s paintover time again:) Please excuse the poor paintjob, it’s done quickly in Graphicsgale:P

:o thanks friend for the image retouch, I follow this tip bellorum



A visit to www.faerietop.com may help with the topology.