Hi :slight_smile:

My latest model – Elf. Early wip, just the body. Need to make some nice stuff for her and background. C&C are welcome :slight_smile:



That’s ridiculous! Really good. Keep it up.

I love your rendering style, really well done!

She’s hot! Too much lip gloss, perhaps.
I love the expression on her face. So so cool. Cartman says, “I’m like seriously, you guys.”

AlucardAssassin - thanx, i’ll try my best :slight_smile:

kiriri - thank you, I was afraid it has to much noise (i love noise:P) but I’m glad it’s ok

- thanks, I need to make a proper glossiness map (after retopo), she’s supposed to be a little bit sad. Btw. Cartman is the best of South Park (even better than dying Kenny in few first seasons:P)

Little jewelery up:


Beautiful, excellent work on the skin texture as well, looks very convincing.

The only thing I see is her eyes need a little tweaking here and there to sell this. The eyeball seems a little off, the sclera is waaay brighter than anything else in the composition - it’s usually a pale bluish-yellowy colour as opposed to a pure white. Some reflective highlights to show the eyes as being wet would also help this to pop. The eyelashes also appear to be a little thick and seem to be fanning out in a perfect radial pattern, they could use a little thinning out and styling.

If you haven’t already you should check out David Moratilla’s close up portraits, because given the quality of the rest of your work that’s about the standard I’d expect on this when it’s finished. No pressure :slight_smile:

Keep at it, this is seriously cool.

  1. Amazing realism.
  2. Artistically beautiful
  3. Only thing that concerns me is her clavicle. Can’t tell for sure because it’s pretty much off camera, but looks like it might be low and large and protruding forward. Would need a larger view of her to know.

Bender007 – Thank You for critique :slight_smile: I think you’re absolutely right – the reflection from left plane is too bright, I’m thinking about making separate light rig for eyes only.

I know David Moratilla’s works – yep, there are really great. Another artist who inspires me very much is Olivier Ponsonnet. I’ll try to do my best :slight_smile:

Daren – Thanx, you’re the second person who told me about the clavicle :slight_smile: Here a screen grab (with a little post, because it looked pale in viewport) – feel free to critique (overpaint would be also appreciated – 1 picture is more than 1000 words)