elfnor - Sketchbook

Parametric surface (helicoid) with UV displacement sculpting

The work I do in Blender is almost always abstract with a mathematical basis. I like to use repetition with variation, generating complex structures from simple rules.

I often get sidetracked into writing tools for this procedural based approach and am currently working with the Sverchok addon that uses nodes to produce geometry in a parametric way. More images for that later.

I blog about all this at elfnor.com and store stuff on giithub/elfnor.

There I have a library of presets for the XYZ Math Surface part of the Extra Objects add on.

Here are a few more images generated using those presets.

Dini Surface with UV displacement sculpting

Twisted Torus

Have to check that add on out. Very cool images!

This next set of images focus on my love of repetition with variation. The repetition was mostly done with the dupliverts feature and the variation is mainly in color and scale.

In this image a simple cube was dupliverted onto a plane with a displacement modifier.
The coloring for the buildings in this city scape were taken from a photo of alpine plants and applied to the duplicated blocks using the object info node and the image texture node following the technique described here.

This image also uses dupliverts to position the peg shaped object around a twisted torus. The coloring is also based on the Object Info node but this time the location info of each peg is turned into the distance from the origin and fed into a custom color ramp. The basic idea can be seen in the last torus example on this post.

This image was made as an example for a tutorial on using the Sverchok add-on. I think it could probably also be acheived with the dupliverts feature.

I can’t login to disqus, but your 2d maze isn’t doing anything. I can load the 3d ones red_blue, and the basic one.