Elipis the Game

Hi my name is Nycholas and I’m trying to make my first blender game, and I’d like some help in what direction should I take the story. So I came here to ask for help. :spin:
I was thinking of an adventure rpg type (like any commune adventure game) with dragons and mystical creatures, or an a pirate’s adventure with ships oceans and sea monsters.
I’ve got the character ready but I just don’t know which line to follow so please give me a light
Ohh and sorry for my English, I’m Brazilian.

Here’s the old video of the game on YouTube

And the new one is being uploaded now!!!

the characters are nice! amazing that you don’t have any direction.
As the character is pushing a crate, it could be a simple sokoban game



hmmm, this might be better off in the games WIP, but for storyline, what would be interesting? Is the character on a pilgrimage, or is he a mercenary? Once you decide who the character actually is, you can begin to come up with a backstory and eventually the story of the game.

Thanks for the help but I think we will be going for a more mystical story line
I really love dragons, I believe they are amazing creatures.

And sorry for posting here I only realized that this wasn’t games WIP after I posted, but the new topic is here http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=166778
thank you all