Eliptic array vetices generated

I shoot myself in the foot creating an object using array modifier. The object topo is ok but I did not consider when creating the seed object for the array, how I would have the vertices merged through the whole generated object?
One way is to manually merge every three vertex the floating vertices, but that’s going to take a while and is deadly boring…
Would somebody suggest a better way? :-()
Here is the blend


Haunted house plan _01-03.blend (640 KB)

Ok I solved, I hope… I did solidify the mesh which then did merge all vertices that where loose…

No id did not I am still with a population of loose vertices…


Select all W Remove Doubles then F6 increase Merge Distance.

I’m no expert by any means but I would personally create a "portion of the mesh required with the adjusted vertices, then applied an array to that so that the object is duplicated and keeps the desired changes.

That’s what I did but then when the array generates the new objects, they are not bonded to the previous one… that’s what I could not resolve…

@ramboblender yeah that’s the trick… Thank you I knew there was a way to solve that… thanks

if you look into modifier panel for array at bottom
there is a merge function !

happy bl