Eli's animation thread

Hello all,

My name is Eli and I will be updating this thread with animations, as I am currently trying to learn animation. I would appreciate your critiques. :slight_smile:

Your character’s hip rotation seems to be off (but it’s hard to tell, because it doesn’t rotate much.) The hip on the load bearing side (foot is touching the ground) should be higher than the hip on the non-load bearing side, which sags because nothing supports it. Since rotation can happen in any axis, it is the “Roll” of the hips I am speaking of.

Also, get a free Vimeo account and upload your videos there so you can include them in your posts and we don’t have to download them. You’ll get more views that way.

Thanks for the reply, Orinoco! :slight_smile:

Yeah I sure will get vimeo or youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for the critique. :slight_smile: Imma hold off on the walkcycle for a little bit, as it isn’t the animation I wanted critiqued (yes, my mistake for posting it, lol). But I’ll have another animation up soon!