Elisa Tamagnoli - Sketchbook

Hi everyone!

I’m originally a 2D Artist in the process of learning 3D. I started with Blender about a year ago.
I really appreciate any kind of feedback or criticism you might have. Thank you. : )

Pictured above is my latest model, a stylized pterosaur (Anurognathus)


A small animation (using cloth sim for the wing membranes): http://imgur.com/a/S4yTi

Pictured above is my latest model, a fuzzy pterosaur called Anurognathus.


I applied a cloth sim to the wing membrane, as using weight painting causes them to clip too much. It was tricky to animate but I managed to make it work after playing around with the settings :slight_smile:

Gif animation: http://imgur.com/a/R46UB

A T.rex I did a few months ago, this was my first ever model.

Topology was definitely not great, I’m still working on bettering myself there.

Old concept (by me)

Another old pterosaur model.

I didn’t know back then how cloth sim worked, so I ended up just using weight painting to prevent the wing membranes from clipping. Let me tell you, I wasted so much time on that! Never again.

A sideview I drew before starting on the model to give myself a better picture on the topology.

Another dinosaur, a cute Aquilops that I intend to finish sometime in the future!

This is the most current model I’m working on.


A very rough initial concept, the little box next to her is her assistant/pet robot inspired by the Boston Dynamics, that I will be modeling after I’m done with her.

I like your style, your models all seem very happy. Would like to see some animations too. There is a problem with attachments in your last post too.


Oh they are animated, beauty!

Thanks for pointing that out, I thought it was only me who had a problem with viewing those last images. They are up again now!

And I’m glad you like them : )

Cool. I’m really fond of cartoony stuff as a lot of stuff here is usually focused on realism like cars and landscapes. Nice to see some more variety here. Really love the sketches too as we can see the planning behind this. Keep up the good work.

Your animations are very nice. I love the overlapping/secondary action (not sure if they where the correct terms or not) in each of the two animations you posted. I feel that the transition worked as you where able to take what you learned as a 2D artist and took it into 3D.