Elisha Cuthbert, portrait

Hello everyone,

I’m currently making Elisha Cuthbert’s portrait (canadian actress), feedback is really appreciated.

Here are some reference pics :

Wireframe :

Final picture :

Gorgeous! Better than the real one IMO. I guess you are just lucky?
I’m scanning it for crits, but I can’t find any! It is near perfect. Hopefully someone with a better eye than mine can find some fault.

Brilliant work. I love the hair. Really well done. My only potential crit is that the eyelids look a little thin where they meet the eye, maybe just shift the eyeballs back just a fraction.

damn that’s brilliant the hair is stunning. I would love to know how you did it care to share some details

spectacular likeness, great work.

theres one catch, imho, the face seems to be quite large in relation to the overall head dimensions. Usually humans have the eyes quite exactly halfway the distance between the chin and top of the head, and this shows in your ref photos. But your model it seems quite headless, so the face looks larger… maybe this is quite easy to solve with a little skull surgery…

Wow, what combing hair :slight_smile: . This is true blonde.

effing amazing man, sell it to magazines, theyll buy it instead of expensive photo-ops with the real one XD

the profile of her nose isn’t quite right, the tip or bulbous end part more specifically. Nostrils too. Also the depth of her chin, and the chin’s shape, need slight tweaking. Nice textures tho.

Nice work!

Looking at the model, there are some details still to perfect - the nose and chin but more the eyes. Her chin and nose (of Elisha Cuthbert) have a way different siluette but it is that one can notice comparing the two pics. Would love to see the chin as hers… :slight_smile: Eyes… hers are a bit smaller, I think… Looking at proportions, eyes are big any way.

Excellent skin texture! I’d love to learn about it more… :eek:


Thanks for commenting!

You pointed out the right things, i’ll work on them!
However, she blinks in the photo ref (three-quarter-length) concerning the size of the eyes, so i guess it may be difficult to estimate.

About the skin shader :I turned on the SSS for the skin, eye parts, and teeth. I used projection painting to texture it with photos, but it needed some corrections. Then I made several maps : bump, pores, spec, hard, and emit (pores map are separated from bump map for direct tweaking with blender).

About the hair : Strands, lighted with 4 lights : 3 with deep shadows, 1 without (fill light). They are in a separate render layer since the render time increased and to have it excluded from AO. I used the render nodes for color corrections.



Whoah! Nice job. It is really impressive! so sexy. The only thing I found different is her teeth. I think you should work on it a little bit.

Wow thats awesome! Amazing lifelikeness to it!


Thanks for feedback guys!
I’m back with a new render, I enlarged the skull and modified the chin. I guess the nose likeness is still not that good though… What do you think?
[edit] well, the top of the head is still a little too low!


Can’t add much to the good comments, they’re all true! :smiley:

I agree that the forehead and head from eyes up looks too shallow, but instead of raising that, maybe think about lowering the eye position slightly, maybe in addition to tweaking the skull dome?

From the refs, she has nearly classic “equilateral triangle” proportions between eyes and top center of the upper lip – your model looks like the depth of this triangle has been extended just a bit compared to the ref.

The curve from the inside to outside of the nostrils also looks a little too acute, could be rounder. Upper lip shape is close but could maybe be closer, looks like the “wings” could be fuller on the inside, with a little more “pout” to the overall shape, maybe… it’s just so close already.

These are all really picayune things that are needed for portraiture. The model as a character is imo a more attractive and interesting face because of these slight “imperfections,” but as a portrait, they make it look a little off to me.

The hair, particularly the coloration, is just plain superb (can “superb” ever be plain :wink: ? ), eyebrows, too, definitely a subject for a tutorial if you’re so inclined.

wow thats good! but i like the first post more, i think it was perfect… anyone vote for adding to the gallery??

That would be a nice entry for the gallery… BUT believe me or not - I like more the original nose, lips and chin :wink: