Elite Knight Armour

Yeah, so I recently made this rendering of Elite Knight Armour from Dark Souls, though I am not quite satisfied with lighting and the sort. I still have a bit of texturing work and deformation fixing to do, but any comments, critiques and suggestions that would help me improve presentation quality are greatly appreciated.

Not a bad job! A bit too dark and somewhat blurry. There is a fine line between moody and simply poorly lit :wink:
I would crank up lighting a bit)

Yeh, I didn’t notice it before, for some unknown reason vector blur node blurs the knight even though he isn’t in motion, weird.

Hi Pannkaku,

I would actually suggest lowering the lighting behind the model so you get stronger contrast from the main source of light (I’m guessing either a Bonfire or Smelter Demon in front of the character). Right now it’s pretty obvious you have a strong white filler light on the right side, you could tone that down or even eliminate it since there aren’t any light bulbs in Drangleic.


Cool model! The sparks seem to be flying from the right but the yellowish light seems to be coming from the left. I think if you make the lighting more coherent this will be a much more compelling render. Also on my monitor there seems to be some banding in the background.