elite stabbing... air

I just made an animation test, this is my second time animating so I just decided to use my crashtest dummy elite model instead of anything important so I don’t screw anything up. I was thinking of making him jump off of a wall or somthing but I am also working on another project simultaniously so I don’t have much time.

The action is a little hard to read because there are no reference objects in the scene to really tell whats going on. I’m not sure if he’s falling or jumping forward.

Outside of that, I think the stabbing motion towards the end, a couple other points in the animation, could be more crisp and snappy. It all feels a little muddy and slow right now.

Good start, just needs those tweaks to get it there. I realize its just a test, but you can learn a lot by making your tests really good!

thx for replying forte. thanks for the input. I definently could have made the stabbing better, I might need to fix that eventually. I was going to make him jump off of a 20 ft wall or so and then kill a dude but, as I said, there isnt much time for me to do that.

Wow. Was the elite made in Blender?

ya, I made it a while back and rigged it too.