Elixir of Gods

Just a background for a presentation. Rendered with Blender internal.


That glass would break on touch :slight_smile:

It’s nice, there could be more work on the texture of the branch (too fuzzy) and leaf (weird somehow).

Also the light slightly green grapes could use some tweaking, they don’t really look natural that way. The grey smudges on it are making it look very strange, but well… maybe it’s just extravagant ;-).

Leaves however, don’t come out on the render… They are hardly recognizeable… So that could also be fixed.

Overall it sure is a nice render for your presentation.

Glass cups are a man made thing. It would make more sense, I believe, if the container was something natural. Perhaps a pitcher plant would fill the role.

I like the concept, but the textures could use some fine tuning, especially the leaf texture looks bit messy. Is sss turned on for the grapes? If not, it might help.