Elk Toy WiP

I’d appreciate some input on my topology here. It’s all quads, no poles over 5, and I’ve done some retopologizing to reduce the polycount a bit. A bit messy around the throat. On the flat surfaces of the body (aside from the edge loops) I’ve got some long thin faces, and I could reduce the polycount a little more by combining many of the radial faces around the grip into more long thin faces. Considering where they are, how bad of an idea is that?

This is an Elk Toy / Moose Massager from the 1970s (copied from Hans-Peter Seidel’s) – the body’s machine-cut from a flat piece of wood, the grip-hole drilled half-through each side with what was probably a hemispherical or conical bit, then the cut edges (but not the flat sides) sanded into curves. This makes for asymmetrical beveling (as seen in the reference pics). And I could’ve gone with displacement for the eye divots, but I wanted to model them in.

MooseToy112.blend (1.5 MB)

It was easier to delete everything but around the eyepit (which I’m happy with) and redo it. Used 24-segment rings for the grip-hole this time (down from 32) and improved the curves of the under-neck and nose. The longest faces near the front wheels were messing a bit with the smoothing around the grip so I subdivided 'em. Still all quads with no poles over 5.

Thanks to Monster and Richard_Marklew for their help! I think this is the best balance of curves to polycount I’m gonna get (maybe a smidge low, but that’s what the Subdivision Surface modifier’s for) – I’d appreciate any more suggestions for topology improvement.

MooseToy247packed.blend (1.5 MB)