elk with flower


I have to call this finished, so I can get my flat in shape before going on holidays :o
I know it has some flaws, but I hope you like it nevertheless.


like i said in the WIP thread, it so cute :smiley: i love it

Great work, I love the fur! Could you show me Your material and particle settings for it?

2xThanks, Blackcat :slight_smile:

@rozmiarek: sure. I think you can see the important settings in the attached images. I have highlighted the values with yellow that differ from the default settings. A few notes:


  • The Wardiso setting is what makes the hair really shiny.
  • I had to set the alpha and specular transparency to zero to get the FurAlpha texture to work. Don’t now if that is the intended behaviour or a bug or my fault somewhere else.
  • The second texture is used to color the ‘horns’ and the feet. It uses a normal UV setting.


  • In the final try, I started with one hair per face on the mesh without any modifiers active. I applied mirror, subdivision and armature modifiers before working on the hair because it caused lots of problems when they were still active.
  • I tweaked the velocity values (normal, tangent and rotation) until it looked roughly like intended. As soon as you start combing, you can’t change them anymore.
  • I don’t know what the B-spline setting does :o
  • The most important setting in the Children group was the “Rough Endpoints”. If you set it high, like I did, the fur seems to get longer, so I adjusted that with the Length setting.
  • Many of the settings depend on the size of the model. You have to find them by trial and error, an exact copy won’t probably work on yours immediately.
  • Be careful with the number of hairs and especially the number of children. You can easily set them too high and your computer will grind to a halt when they don’t fit into memory.

Well, that’s roughly it. I hope that’s what you asked for. If not, let me know and I will try to elaborate more.


Good job! It holds the cartoon look but I think the eyes could ‘stand’ to not ‘stand’ out so much. :smiley: