elli :) elephant creature

Well… just the head ^^ no uv maps… just procedural textures

comment please… good or bad :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: How many views before someones actually cares…?


I think that the reason people are not replying is because they are not sure what to say. Obviously your model is not supposed to look like a real Elephant. maybe some background information will help us.

The only thing that I can think of is that the truck really isn’t long enough…

Jajajajaja… I have works with 300+ views and one only reply.

It’s interesting, but needs more work

It’s goood, but… SCARY

Well, it’s better than anything I’ve done so far, keeping in mind I’m a complete (lazy) novice. However, from the standpoint as somebody who is creative and loves sci-fi and also a believer in evolution I must point out one or two things:

ahem :wink:

  1. The second set of eyes (large) seem a bit to big and almost distended… honestly I wouldve gone for the eyes being place more into the ridgest that can be found just above and towards the middle. I think when you model something like this you must always develop a kind of back story… u know like why would something like this evolve and why would the eyes be on top of it’s head? Let’s say for instance the eyes are for early warning against avian predators. Good, but how would those eyes be protectd from the airtacker (pardon the word) scratching them out. Alternatively if you want them to the sides like that (assuming the creature wants to keep an allround view - like real elephant) I would extrude bigger brow ridges or small horns to assist in protecting the sensitive eyes.

  2. The trunk is fine, assuming the creature is tall enough to reach its foodsource… however for future possible use make the trunk longer and more flexible and dextirous. Maybe these creatures will oneday use their trunks to manipulate tools with? Or maybe a bifurcated / split trunk?

  3. The tusks are a bit of a problem thou. Too thin. Thicken them out or make them like an elk or deers antlers… instead of the elephant-like ones. If you wish to continue on the elphantine path :o straighten out the front tusks. Once again, why would it develop the two sets? Elephants do pretty well with one set, so two must advocate a need for deeper understanding about this unique alien-evolutionary path.

I know you probably don’t want to go into so much detail, but I believe such a way of examinging one’s creations will lead to more realistic looking creatures?

Otherwise, please don’t become dissuaded by my comment, it really is meant to be of some assistance and obviously reflects mostly my aesthetic views. To which you as a cognative and individual human being obviously dont need to prescribe.

However, if you don’t I shall lay thy doom upon thee!


Looks like a ant head with tusks. You could complete the body and give it 6 ant legs. And a elephant tail…maybe add some stegosaurous sail…