Elli (Human Female)

This is a character named Elli. She’s the main character in the video game I’m making. It is set in the future.

For this game, as you can [hopefully] see, I’m attempting to follow a stylized approach on humans.

Is this character believable? I’d like to keep her clothing fairly simple, and I do not seek suggestions for materials.


removed due to outdatedness

I plan on working on the eyes, eyelashes, and eyebrows soon. The current shape of the eye will likely change. I will also need to redo the hands, as they currently have a rather sloppy topology.

Thank you!

Looking good. Although you might wanna show some ears because her side of the head looks off. Also, add some bump maps on her suit to make it look detailed, or are you planning it to be like that?

Oh, wow. How did I forget the ears? :o
Well, I’ll make 'em and put up a render soon. Thanks!

I’m going for simplicity in the game graphics, mostly because if I start adding too much detail I’ll never finish it.

Thanks for the reply!

I had no idea you were going to use her in a game. Good luck then. She may have a little too much polygons on her. You might wanna reduce that for the game to not crash.