Ellina cola

modelled with blender,rendered with cycles.

Nice. The water puddle however looks a bit of, I cannot put my finger on. Might take a look at http://www.blenderguru.com/videos/create-a-realistic-water-simulation

The water puddle looks too pile-like. As in it looks more gooey than it should be.

Yes, i agree the puddle is somehow not right, but good work!

What looks off is that the surface is so uneven. It should be a lot flatter. Like this.

Not only flatter but the edges should be more pronounced due to surface tension. The puddle should be a flat plane then extruded or sculpted in the z axis so the edges are rounded and the top surface flat like the reference image above.

Also just a thought…the drops on the can look too simalar. Either increase the randomized size if it is a particle system or actuall reduce the number of drops and make a few larger but less pronounced (not so round off the can, the bigger drops tend to flow and are more flat…I think:) )

Keep it up!
Happy Blending:)

I agree with all your critiques in fact that is my problems too. That was an old project transfered to cycles render just to see the differences.Thank your for your critique and good words also.
Happy blending