Ellipses and arrows

I’m trying to use blender for some technical drawings, where I need to include an xyz coordinate system (with lines and arrows indicating the directions of the x, y and z axes) and ellipses around it (and some other things, which I know how to do, so they are not the problem).

  1. How can I make a line with an arrow on top of it? (it is all right if these arrows are 2d)

  2. How can I draw ellipses in blender (without using ellipsoids and then flattening the z-axis)?

I have created arrows using the wingdings font. Just figure out what character you need to type then enter that character and font in Blender. With a font object you can extrude and bevel as well.

I am attaching a ruler blend file I found on line, perhaps you can make use of it?


++regles1.blend (443 KB)

To make an ellipse you can add a circle and scale it along one axis…

And to make a ‘2d’ arrow you can model it with a single line of vertices and then render it as a wireframe. If you want to use this method I can give you more details.