Elly Elephant

Meet Elly the Elephant and her sidekick/best friend Robin the Sparrow. These characters are based on drawings that a friend of me drew and he also writing a story for these two hero’s and wants me to animate it:o

oh and here is a render of her unfinished home

C+C welcome :slight_smile:

It will be interesting to see how the animation turns out. The characters have a cute, child like appeal that should translate well to animation, depending on the story.

Still incomplete but getting there

thank you creators of curve2tree:D

I’m unsure on how I should do the water:confused:

I like the effect of the first one but it doesn’t really suit the surrondings

Okay haven’t done much on this project for a while. But I managed to start on an alien for the anim.

I gotta get on top of school work so i can do more blender.


editing replies doesn’t refresh the pages position so :slight_smile:

-Cool stuff I really like the bird-

Looking quite good so far…

For the water you might want to check out some of the materials here: http://www.blender-materials.org/index.php?p=6&c=12
The most basic way of making water is to apply a cloud texture as a bump-map, and turn RayMirror on (could slow down rendertimes quite a bit though…)

Keep it up!