Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck

2020 starts a new era?
like Cyberpunk 2020 :slight_smile:
what do you think, you guys?

Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck


0 to 60 in 2 seconds would be a surefire way to damage anything breakable in the rear bed, it would either slam against the back or fly out of the truck.

This could be avoided if you tied down what you were hauling tightly enough, but the average Tesla fan is not at all like your careful Midwestern farmer. He also might have trouble attracting the standard pickup owner, as they are kind of traditionalist when it comes to car appearance, so it better have a hauling power like the options from Ford.

That aside, if the future of vehicles look like this, then even people new to Blender would be able to model them (as they would look like your basic PS1 game asset).


I’m not a fan of Elon Musk.
but I am undoubtedly fun of Bladerunner and over the years I have had the great nostalgia of the 80s-style machines, especially the style of the Lamborghini of my Italian compatriots.
So i’m biased and the style of this Cybertruk appeals to me, at the same time it’s a breath of fresh air over the last 30 years, and aesthetically satisfies my nostalgic need …
I love this substance.

Whereas when I saw this Rolls-Royce, it seemed to me an aseptic piece of ugly plastic.


First I saw it my initial reaction was “W. T. F?”, but that thing´s growing on me the more I look at it. It´s breaking the mold, in the right ways.

@Ace_Dragon just because you can go 0-60 in 2.9 seconds doesn´t mean you have to, you know…


He is taking us for a ride ^^ …This is too funny!

I’m not even sure how to feel about it yet, but I will say there’s a lot of strange things happening in the automotive world these days. First, Chevy unveils a mid engine Corvette. Then Ford comes out with an EV Mustang… that’s an SUV, that doesn’t look like an SUV… or a Mustang. Now we have a truck that’s fresh out of an 80’s Scifi movie. Craziness! Just craziness! :smile:

You know what else is funny, Google’s stupid machine-learning algorithms categorized The Verge's cut of this presentation as gaming and plastered it among the gaming videos (it’s true, see the comments). :laughing:

Talk about getting more than your money’s worth in advertising.

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It looks as they forgot to enable subsurface modifier and when realized that, it was to late.


:grin: My thoughts exactly. They also forgot to retopo. There are triangles in there! :scream: :grin:


i have no idea why anyone would need a pickup truck. even if i were a farmer i would have no use for it…

but i really like the design! :slight_smile: it’s refreshingly different in a time where all cars look almost the same.

I really dig the radical design. Looks fantastic.

Perfect “design” for the clown-world we are living in. It’s not cyberpunk, it’s Playstation 1 lowpoly look. I hate it, it looks like shit.

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It’s a convoluted market, they had to release something radical to generate some buzz (and it’s working apparently).

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Im suprised how artistis making games and sci-fi films have influence on the visual look of the reality. This vehicle was without doubt inspired by Bladerunner and Cyberpunk77

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Ha, ha, ha. Exactly my thoughts! Even I could model cars like this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I really do like different and bold designs. But this looks like a military/police vehicle from an 80ies sci-fi movie. And it made perfect sense there. Nowadays - not my cup of tea. Looks like testosterone on wheels. (And the presentation wasn’t any different. Seems like Elon Musk tries to convince a new target group.)
I respect the brave decision, though.

It’s a city dweller’s idea of a truck. I get the feeling the designers of this had very limited experience in rural living.

I think this is a great intuition.
… bladerunner in particular has 40 years of hype.
and it doesn’t die, it’s a cult.

I honestly, if I needed a Pickup truck, since it also costs less … I wouldn’t think twice about getting a cybertruck

i was just thinking …
with this machine, Elon Musk becomes Steve Jobs’s natural heir in terms of innovation and disruptive technologies.

The truck is hyper-innovative. It is something I never thought anyone would think of, especially at the price.

But I think they missed the mark on the design of the rear parts of the truck.

I totally get the innovative design style. But for all of the practical features, they completely missed the point of it being a truck. And that means the back is shaped to hold stuff, or double as a camper or cargo truck with a camper or other box addon. Additionally, where are you going to store all of those workman’s tools, supplies and so on - in a secured and weather proof compartment? It is too shallow and the angle of the metal cover ruins it as a practical design.

So you are at the job site. You are the coolest guy on the crew and you provide the power and air for the tools. But all your buddies with their Fords, Chevys and GMCs will have to bring all of the supplies and large tools.

In construction circles, this is probably not the way to earn creds. Though, you’d be the man of the afternoon for a tailgate party on Sunday. So maybe that is the way you earn the creds back…lol

The rear cargo box is about double the volume of my old F150, but I do agree, the high, sloped walls make it impractical for reaching over to grab tools. At least you can lower the rear suspension to make it a bit easier.

It’s kinda growing on me a bit, I have to say.

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