Elon Musk announce the Tesla Cybertruck

Within the context of military vehicle design it makes total sense, such as you would care more about repairing the chassis easily rather than having it look good. As for example if you have a damaged side, you would just cut a new steel sheet and weld it right into place, no metal bending artistry here, but very basic metalwork to get the fix done.

I’ve seen a lot of cool designs from one guy (don’t remember his nickname on Instagram unfortunately), but he has some cool ideas really. I’m not into the current view of the truck, but maybe they’ll improve it somehow aha

I doubt that they don’t. In the end it is a product they want to sell and looks help selling stuff. Giving it some aesthetic polish is probably not that expensive compared to the rest of the development and helps the marketing departement.

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someone modeled the cybertruck in a minute :joy:

looks ugly as is designed by children but…
interesting news … it seems that a good job has been done in aerodynamics

I really appreciate the utilitarianism of it. No paint = no scratch. Steel = no dents. Origami shell = cheap to manufacture. Too bad I don’t need a truck. If it was a smaller car that you could actually drive in a city…


this video makes an analysis of engineering and economic efficiency … and I am completely in touch with it.

The way factories work is going to change radically.

I’m starting to love this car, I don’t give a damn if it looks ugly, I start to love it for the maximum workmanship and intelligence, and I’m a freak of efficiency and optimization … so this car is in perfect tuning with me.
It has everything that I consider a worthy object of the right for the future and that has the right to stay in the world respecting it as much as possible.

Cybertruck is Engineering Genius (and will be copied)

…lol, the angular shard aesthetic…well, really shouts 80s retro in spades. Kinda like if a Delorian had constipation plus it’ll be stealthy as well, nary a decibel too be heard, I mean where’s the fun in that, when lighting it up down on the farm O_o

finally pure raw utilitarian minimalism
was time to come back
much alike what was DeLorean back in the days
hopefluffully now with modern auto-tech at hand this is more “Branding Marlon” and everyone could had have simply custom made one :upside_down_face:
wonder why facebook doesn’t make some :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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It actually makes sense from that perspective of efficiency, but I wonder if they would do 10% improvements to the body kit. I remember my initial reaction a few days ago and it was a very strong dislike. :upside_down_face: Now I am up to the point that I can stand it. Perhaps in a few months I would look at all cars and think they were made 100 years ago.

Tesla’s truck just won over a whole generation of kids.

I wonder which will make more money for the company, the actual truck or the merchandising campaign. Either way, there could be a ton of them on the roads once the kids grow old enough to get the real thing.

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not directly related to the Tesla Cybertruck, but it is a do-it-yourself construction, totally “Cybertruck Style”, in design, technique, simplicity, efficiency, and in the green of electricity.
You must absolutely see this video, then go on blender to model everything you need, and then build your cyberbyke! :wink: :joy:

DIY ELECTRIC MOTORBIKE plans avaiable here:

I try to connect a few dots.:
Elon Musk creates the Cybertruck.
Elon Musk creates the Star-link internet system via satellites.
Trump Create the Space Force.
Elon Musk announces his move to Texas.
Trump is banned from all social media.
Parler (twitter alternative) is strongly closed by amazon.
Musk tweeted where he complained about seeing social big tech proclaim themselves free speech arbitrators.
Musk launches a signal to use Signal (the messaging app).
A lot of people flocked to Signal abandoning Whatsapp (indicatively to leave the old bigtech spies)

it is likely that soon the social Parler will be reopened … (or something similar) which will be unassailable and will pass through the Starlink satellites.

Musk has a very different vision of the future from big tech of Sylicon Valley.
And now the plot becomes clear,
This is why the big techs have been so aggressive in banning Trump from all Social Media (a really inlogical and stupid move if they didn’t know other things that we probably don’t know), and the Democrats want to make a ridiculous impeach to Trump just 10 days from the end legislature,
These are totally in panic, and I think in a few days we will see some good ones.
(it would be the plot of a good movie.)
However it goes, one thing is certain, welcome to the Cyberpunk era.

Unless Elon Musk found a way to launch full-fledged servers into orbit as part of Starlink, any alternative to big tech. will be dependent on the will of server owners to host them, and you usually need more than servers too by the way.

Sure, there’s the whole ad-hoc internet concept where every computing device on Earth can donate “spare power” to become some massive ethereal server, but has that been demonstrated with anything other than theory?

I have no idea, this is the missing link, and maybe this is the surprise that will emerge, The unassailable hosting or something relevant.

… a meme