Elpis The Game (Infinite Procedural Terrain - VIDEO)

(BluePrintRandom) #441

Here is a window from wrectified I thought was a pretty nice looking jewel.

Feel free to rip it out the sheet,

or even use the whole sheet.


ForNwiess.blend (1.47 MB)

(nweissberg) #442

Don’t worry I didn’t think it was negative in any way, most of the content of the game will be like you said, I love that idea. but just some stuff will be more unrealistic. every feedback is very important to me, if for comments like this it would not look this good. Thats why I always welcome every comment! :wink:

(nweissberg) #443

Very awesome crystal you sent me BluePrintRandom, please later give me your full name so I can credit you, in case I use you model!

(Skormeus) #444

You still rock man. Best of luck

(LioKon) #445

okay one last thing about the armor: maybe add cloth under the gold plates because i dont think that its very comfortable if the metal is directly on the characters skin. and maybe use another texture for the diamond because this one doesn’t look really realistic/good and maybe make the gold a bit more red.i dont know why but the armor still looks very funny and not heroic to me :confused: mave you can do something against that…

(nweissberg) #446

I was planing on doing so, that’s why this is still a work in progress… Thank you very much LioKon I hope you like the finished version! :wink:

(adriansnetlis) #447

Good game, nweissberg;)

(LFDA Studio) #448

Very good improvement?
Did you think about increase the polycount?

(LioKon) #449

i think the polycount is perfect :smiley: dont think that he is able to increase the polycount without loosing detail

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #450

I love your project nweissberg, character design is top notch! also level is amazing start can’t wait to see were this is going. will keep an eye out for this project in the future…

(LioKon) #451

oh sorry, LFDA Studio i thought increase means making it lower :smiley:

(luke25) #452

blue looks good

(luke25) #453

i have been looking at your work for some time now. I’m impressed…
I suggest you do some tutorials on melee combat and wall run the way u did it in the video.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile: u rock!!

(nweissberg) #454

Some small updates! Sorry for the small resolution, my macbook can’t run the game in HD and record it with a good framerate…
hope you like it! :wink:



(Jackii) #455

Great! Though needs a bit of low frequency ambient occlusion at areas, maybe bake it into vertex colours and make a node setup that multiplies it on base material?

(fredstash) #456

This is a stellar looking game, I love the work you have put into it. This is one of the games that inspires me, thanks for it.

(3dmedieval) #457

Thanks for the update with my set. I’m having a pretty frustrating day, and that helped to turn it around (for those of you who don’t know, I made the Castle Builder 3d set he linked to in the post). I’ve always wanted to make a level, but something in my brain always over complicates it, so I never finish it. That’s why I decided to just make parts, and let people do that which I can’t seem to do. I’m really glad you were able to create such a large level out of the pieces! Lots more parts to come. I’m just having a stressful few months.

If you like, send me some high rez screen captures, and I’ll put them in a user gallery on the site, with a link to your project or wherever you like.

Really looking forward to seeing where this goes!

(BluePrintRandom) #458

I think whats missing, is a seperate map making utility, that is like a level building only tool, where you build while in game…
menu of instances you build before etc,

and it saves a map after somehow?

its a shame that you can really use a character rig in the viewport.

(nweissberg) #459

Thank you very much for the feedback Doug, I just made an album on my Facebook profile, you can chose from any you like!

very nice suggestion BluePrintRandom, I have an idea of how I may implement something like that! Thank you very much!

(BluePrintRandom) #460

no problem,
here are a few textures