Elpis The Game (Infinite Procedural Terrain - VIDEO)

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and 2 more

these are for metal tiles


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The thing with the ingame level editor and then saving sounds amazing and is exactly what I could need too. If somebody figures out how to do it, please let me know :smiley:

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Medieval Engineers.


I got the early access on Steam for $19 so that I could see what they did with modular blocks. Their blocks are destroy-able - a little too much at this point, but if you are interested in in game castle construction and destruction, this is it.

The graphics are simpler in nature than my set, and many other game castles owing to the fact that everything can be destroyed. I also find their building method clumsy - I often erase the wrong thing.

I’ll take a look at your FB album and link to this thread unless you want me to link somewhere else. Thanks!

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Here’s the pictures in my gallery if you are interested. You’ll get a friend request on FB from Doug Turner. That’s me.

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Here is a shield I made for you,


Shield2.blend (2.89 MB)

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Thank you very much Doug, for featuring the castle on your web site! I’m really happy! Today, you made my day! hehehe
I wanted to talk about some possible features for the Castle Builder Foundation set, I added you on skype, but if you’d prefer we can exchange emails or something else! Hope to talk with you soon!

Hey what a nice gesture, thank you very much friend! You gave me another awesome idea, I’ll make a room in the castle were I’ll hang up fan art and weapons, like a gallery!

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I’m not into Skype…so contact me here.

I don’t want to give out my email address here on BA, but once you use the form, I’ll have your email address, and we can email directly. I’d be very interested in your thoughts. I do have a lot more stuff ready to publish, but I’m so obsessive about it that I can’t seem to complete it.

I do have a mist Script by Jackii up now, and I’m working on some animated lamps and flames. Jackii is working on some really nice water as well. He’s officially a contributor now, and I’ll be paying him as I sell products he develops for the Castle Builder brand.

I’m very happy to publish screens and videos as you make them. My goal for CB 3d has always been a community of people using the sets to create games etc.

While I’m here, I did have one thought on your screens: The lighting looks a bit washed out. Pretty grey / low contrast. I’d recommend bumping up the colors and contrast a bit. I remember older versions of your game having pretty intense colors.

Ok, yes, feel free to contact me with your thoughts!

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hey newessberg could u model a double edged sword for me like the one u modelled in the older version of elpis thanks in advance

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Luke25: Kinda weird to just expect someone to give you a model…and create one specifically for you. Make it yourself and learn something.

Nycholas - thanks for the mention in the video, I appreciate it. A quick note of explanation, concerning the AO and shadow maps etc: I needed to make the set as open, generic as possible, so yes, people will have to bake AO if they want. I don’t bother with baked AO in large environments anymore. SSAO is getting really good, and modern cards can deliver outstanding frame rates with all kinds of filters etc, among them SSAO. Makes creating large structures a lot easier.

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Hey nwiessburg, could you model a sword for me also, double edged. Also a main character. Come to think of it I need a castle too. Could you also UV map everything for me so I can paint it easier. Could you also make a Gimp tutorial because im not that good at gimp. Could you also set up the logic for me for all the basic movements. Also I have trouble blending animations. Could you set that up in python for me? Also I need a skybox setup.

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I need a new machine for my custom furniture business. Can I just have $4000? Thanks in advance! Sigh…We read these requests far too often. Why the sense of entitlement? Where does that come from? Why not: “Hey Nycholas, I just mowed 18 lawns, so I have $20! Awesome! Can I buy your sword from you?”

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Ahh… What a shame. There is nobody to mow law for around me. There are just 200 people in my small willage and everybody mows they’r law theyrselves and almost nobody can afford to pay for mowing, lol… But I really agree with you, 3dmediaval:)

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Video of the Planet generator I’ve been working on:

:cool: Some feedback:

Amazing hahahaha sure I wil… :wink:

True, but for lower end computers, like the one I own, it’s better to use baked AO…

hahahahahahahahaha right away sir!

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That’s really awesome, I have no words to describe lol
Muito bom trabalho cara! :smiley:

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hey nwessberg is it possible to make gui elements like in unity on blender game engine to make HUD?if yes could u give an example as i cannot find this anywhere.Also how did u set the screen resolution through the game engine in the older version of elpis and execute the wall run? I’m sort of new at the python scripting so no offence.

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Hey guys, I know it’s been a long time since the las Elpis update. But here, after 21h of work, it’s here! From base mesh to final game prototype and video for you guys!

I’ve been really buisy with some other work. But I hope you enjoy the video… Thanks for watching, happy Blending!

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Can’t watch it in Germany due to music copyright. Very sad :frowning:

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nice update!
i like your animations ^.^

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awesome post nwessberg one suggestion,make the guy bend if there is a obstacle in front of his face or else it might look weird that the guy passes through the obstacle.

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Polycount : 1819 tris

Next pet to be done:

Sorry about that blenderrendersky, didn’t know that, thank you! :wink: