Elpis The Game (Infinite Procedural Terrain - VIDEO)

(AudioFreakXD) #481

Very nice job on the animations and modeling.

(3dmedieval) #482

Nice horse! Yeeeehaw! Yah mule! He’s walking through the castle. Try some stairs…I got a horse on top of a tower in Assasin’s Creed once. Really no way down (glitch).

(nweissberg) #483

Hey there, I’ve made a new terrain system for my game Elpis, i’ts made using simplex 3D noise algorithym than runs o a separate processing thread. Also made some improvements to the sky box, now with animated UV mask, added PBR and infinity planar reflections. The particle system also runs on a separate thread, with LOD.
Only what the player can see is real!
There is much to do before it’s actually a game but it’s a step… One day!

Hahaha cool glitch, i’ll try it! I need to make more castles, soon… I’ll try making a castle generator with your assets! To add it to the infinite procedural terrain! :cool:

Here’s the video:

And some screen shoots: :wink:


(nweissberg) #484

Water level…


(nweissberg) #485

Some more! :yes:


(LioKon) #486

That looks so awesome :open_mouth:

(Akira_San) #487

Yeah, awesome, hope you use UpBge. :slight_smile:

(BluePrintRandom) #488

bump bump bump, bump?

(CYNIC78) #489

What happened to this project?

(Fred/K.S) #490

Is it still Alive i used to be a BIG fan of this project back when it Kicked off on Blender 2.49b back in the Day!

It inspired me to make games on BGE as well lol.