Elpis the game

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yes I get Vimeo

The cave is starting to look very nice
i’ll wait soon i’l post some images (maybe even today)

Btw whats your name dividedSpleen23

Spencer Kuhnsman, and I have two videos on vimeo for the caves.

So, I have a couple of ideas I’d like to share about the game and the story.

I know Van Hagan is the evil guy, and that the mentors teaching you where once his mentors, so I’ve been brainstorming some story ideas for the plot, and would like to share.

I’m thinking this could be a sort of alternate universe with the magic and stuff, but regardless, it would be cool to have two suns that orbit each other. Around these suns in an asteroid field. Due to the two suns, the asteroid belt is an 8 shape, the symbol of infinity. That symbolism could be used at other points in the game and maybe affect the culture of the nearby planet. So, from this asteroid field comes an asteroid that lands on the world where the game will be (cliche, I know, but hey…). In this asteroid are crystals (I can’t think of a color, do you have any preferences?), and these crystals can change a normal person into a powerful being. These crystals were discovered by four mages and they used the crystals to make the first Guardian. Now, to become powerful, the guardian must be trained and then the crystals must be combined with his body, which involves driving them into his heart, eyes, mouth, ears, arms, and legs. So it’s painful, but the payoff is worth it, plus you look pretty badass with glowing eyes and crystal growing out your forearms. :wink:
So, years later, Van Hagan completes his training and becomes the next Guardian, and he goes evil and takes over the world, capturing three of the mentors, two of which are your parents. The fourth one fakes their own death and he/she comes to you, the new chosen one to be the Guardian (indicated by the 8 symbol you were born with on your…I don’t know, arm?) He/she starts training you in secret to take down Van Hagan. So, a couple battle later, some level ups, maybe a brush with an assassin sent to follow you, you’ve completed enough of your training to finally have crystals staked into you. Except your mentor reveals that he only has two crystals. Now, the problem is using the crystals is delicate. Van Hagan is at the point where if he stabs himself with another crystal, he’ll explode with the energy.


You however, have to few. You can stab one through your heart, but adding the next one in the strict sequence is you eye. If you only do one eye, the energy will be unbalanced and you will explode as well.
So, you have to weaken Van Hagan enough so that one of your buddies or you can stab Van Hagan with the crystal. To prevent you from dying when Van Hagan explodes, your mentor has given you a special…something or other. :stuck_out_tongue: So the final boss fight will hopefully depend a lot on player skill rather than just leveling up a bunch thanks to crystals.

As you fight Van Hagan, you realize you might not win. With this realization, you are given two options. Continue to fight to the end, in which case Van Hagan sucks the life force out of all your friends to go back to full HP, in which case you will definitely loose, or toss your special protection thingy aside, stab yourself with your crystal, and kill Van Hagan (as well as yourself). You are martyred, and you mentor leads the suppressed people to victory in the following revolution (assuming he wasn’t killed sometime during the game to add a dramatic effect, not as an alternative storyline.)

So, what do you think? Do you like the fact that you die, but the belief in infinity keeps you alive, or should we just have Van Hagan killed and everything over and done with?

BTW: I have a friend who can make some textures in gimp and some other paint programs and probably make tillable ones as well, so what textures do you need? Also, I’ve done some more on the caves, no pictures yet, but I’ve started on the right branch of the first fork.

That was mind blowing Spencer!
I really loved the entire plot behind Van Hagen. I guess this game will be very nice :smiley: if done right
A long time ago I made a comic strip (only the 2 first pages) about the game, so I’ll try to scan it somewhere and post it here.

I’ve been kind of occupied with the battle programming. That’s why I didn’t post any new stuff, but it’s coming along very nicely. I’ll soon have a new video.
I really appreciate all your help and your will to work on this project.

Keep it up :smiley:

Hey nweissberg, I was wondering if I could work on a main menu and maybe the pause menu and hud to. I could do the 2D visuals of that and the python part too. Unless you already have all that stuff covered… Also, I think this game would have a much greater apeal if it was all in english :slight_smile:

I had an idea for the battle programming. It would be if the game was NOT turn based. If it is, it would be easier to make but I don’t think the easy path should be what we’re looking for. For all the characters, you could have an empty or cube that’s parented to them. Whenever any object thats labeled as a weapon with python scripting (I’m assuming thats how it works, correct me if I’m wrong, I know next to nothing about python) passes through this box, there’s a percentage calculated bases upon the accuracy of your character against the defense valuie of the opposing player, and a virtual 100 sided die rolls. (Or smaller if you prefer) If the number rolled is greater than the percentage, you score a hit. Example, you have an accuracy of 17%, enemy has base defense of lets say 5%, with a shield that adds 25% defense. Total defense is 30%, minus your accuracy, so you have a 13% chance of getting a miss. Die is rolled and gets 54. Hit! If it was a 1 through 13, it would have been a miss. I think this is a relatively simple way to organize combat for melee. I’m trying to think of a good ranged system, especially targeting for bows.
So, do you think its a good idea?

I also think that when you kill yourself to kill Van Hagan, the crystals enegry forms the symbol of infinity around you and Van Hagan, the 8 symbol, and then you both die. i think its a neat idea, and it will get the players thinking, “Wow, that was pretty cool symbolism.”
Also, a good intro could be in space showing the stars and the asteroid belt with a narrator decribing how these stars and belt can be seen every generation, and that’s when the new Guardian is made. This asteroid belt is the Elipsis, the symbol of hope and continuation of the world. The religion being based more on preservation than worship of an unseen being. Not “preservation at all costs” but to make sure the world cycles through its troubles like the Elipsis.

Of course you could do the menu The Dawisch. :smiley:
I just got the HUD covered, but I’d really like to see some ideas, also I forgot to mention that the game will come out in 2 languages (English and Portuguese) just so there’s no need to worry.

I liked your idea DividedSpleen23, but I didn’t quite get if it was turned base or not. But if it was turned base I wouldn’t enjoy playing it (I rate waiting to attack), so I was working on something like that percentage you were talking about, but it was on the weapons, a wood sword does less damage than a steel sword (obviously).
I like the way you came up with the stories, but I’ll focus on the movies and the story flow, a little more ahead. Maybe when the main character are done:

Phiro (Fire bender, your father)
Age: 45
Weapon: double swords

Glacias (Ice elemental, your mother)
Age: 40
Weapon: Ice Rod or spear

Razor (Air bender)
Age: 32
Weapon : Axe

Cefeu (Sage’s Guardian, your master)
Age: 153 (Elf)
Weapon: Mystical sword (Ultimate blade)

Van Hagen (something like zasalamel from soul caliber 4)
Age: 50 (look’s very young about 30)
Weapon: Death Scythe

After you save any of them you’ll learn their abilities.
Post any ideas for the character.


Wow! That is an amazing story! This going to be an awesome game! I have a few ideas for the story too:
In the end when you say they both die, I think that they should both die, but you come back alive. Kind of like in StarWars, when they are alive through the force. So, when you stab yourself, energy goes into you, and the 8 symbol glows. You both die, but you are still alive, through the power of the crystal. So, you are half clear, and you can see the energy going through your body. Also, you become extremely powerful from the crystals.

nweissberg: Could I help you with your game also? I am good at modeling, python, logic bricks, etc. Pretty much everything. I won’t be able to do as much, because I have other stuff i am doing too. :wink:

For the attack system, it wasn’t designed for a turn based game, so we’re good.

I think I’m going to start on the intro animation with the suns and asteroids, I had a really cool sun material a while back, so I think the intro will have to be rendered videos rather than gameplay because of that.

Sure mokazon
The more the merrier, as long as you can contribute with the game I’ll be happy to let anyone in the project, but I warn all of you: It’s going to take time.:smiley:

yep, every game takes time (sadly :wink: ) so, what should I do first?

I’d really like to see some scenario modeling, you know medieval houses, and some simple enemies, the classic RPGs ones, any enemy (rigged and textured) I can do the animation and programming if it’s not too much to ask. (Post some Ideas)

I’ll upload the new video with the combat testing so you all could have an idea of how it’s coming along.

Thanks for all the help

Ok, my idea for the main menu was to have it be real time 3D background sort of like in warcraft.
somthing like this

Here’s the new video of the combat test

I see your game its looks so cool maybe you shoud wach some history books abaut history it will give you some ideas sarch in google something about history…
PS:I like combat tests but enemy looks litlebit stiff.
Sory for my english!!

Seems a bit laggy, but this is looking great!
I have a guy at my end who can make some textures, and also someone who can do music maybe. What kind of music do you want? And what textures do you need?
Progress with the caves is steady but slower than I would like, I have a new screenshot to prove I’m doing some work:P (darn school! cutting into my hours), and the spires I made and uploaded in an earlier post are being arranged into another level.
For monster ideas, you obviousley already have goblins, so there’s also shades, wraiths, zombies, that could all be in the more swampy regions. The forest could have goblins, orcs, rouge centaurs, faeries(which could be more annoying and lead you astray rather than dangerous…), deadly carniverous plants, maybe some treefolk. More generic monsters could be wurms, dragons, cyclops, manticores, jellies, dopplegangers, bugbears, ogres, and a lot more.

For the intro with the two suns, I realized that there was no easy way to make the hundred or so asteroids that orbit it, so I just made one, and am duplicating it and scaling, sizing, and spamming the noise button to make tham all unique. I’ve also set up a displacement modifier with a cloud map to make them more different, but it should look awesome when finished, I’ve got a lot of good ideas for the animation for the scene and for the music, which I need some guidence about.

I also have a couple ideas for the story (again). First off, whats the name of our character? I think he needs one. And you liked the idea for the cave level, right? Where you and you master fight off some monsters you hadn’t suspected? I modeled an idea real fast, a sort of automaton/robot thing thats produced by one of the nations Van Hagan hasn’t managed to subdue yet, a steampunk kind of people, who like technology.

You could encounter them later, and they realize that those robots that attacked you were the ones that were bought a while ago by one of their lords (they have a fuedal system set up). This lord also has one of the mentors in his castle, and it is up to you and a couple of steampunk soldiers to attack the castle and rescue the mentor. Just a thought.

And heres the screen of the intro so far…