Elsa from Frozen

This is my own recreation of famous Disney queen Elsa from movie Frozen.

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And a bit of texturing work without hair.

Good work! Everything you’ve accomplished so far looks very impressive and professional. :slight_smile:

This really reminds me of Elsa, so good job there, especially with the down turned mouth.

Elsa with hair. All completely done in Blender.

Awesome job, Bananaboy 3D! :slight_smile: You should create a Sketchbook thread and showcase more of your stuff if you have the time.

Great work!
Especially the hair and the skin shader.
How did you make the braid?

very nice, I especially like the job you did on the eyes! :yes:

Thank you for your kind comments. The braid was created with Blender built-in Braid Tool in the particle hair section.

I like her! Especially the braids! How did you made them?

Left and right side view.

Are you planning on adding some expression to her?

Not yet. Model is not rigged. Maybe sometime in the future.

Merry Christmas for all Blender Artists!

Very good modeling, but I agree on having her get the face rig eventually. Right now it looks as if she’s been browsing through videos and stumbled upon THAT part of YouTube. :eek:

Absolutely loving this. It looks like you ripped it out of the movie, it’s so similar! I’d love to see you do more Disney, maybe even Rapunzel or Moana?

Really good work :slight_smile: