Elsa's Ice Palace Stair's

Hey guys! I started modeling her palace stairs in blender, I’m new to modeling but I made really nice stairs. although they arent alike, I need some tutorials on how to make curved stairs, and how to make the sides on the stairs, the ledges?
im not sure, but here’s a picture of them

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quick easy setup.

the whole object is just one 4 poly plane, followed by a solidify, array, and mirror modifier.

the curve is controlled by an empty witch is the offset target for the array modifier, and another empty to define the origin for the mirror modifier.

however from what i can tell, ur really new to blender, so i would recomend you to start off with something easier.

this guy has a lot of really easy and simple tutorials, where he shows you how to use the tools. i found this guy really helpfull when i first started out.
once you start getting the hang of it, check out CGcookies and AndrewPrice.