Elsyiun is an amazing theme

I just wanted to thank the person who created this theme, it is amazing, easy on the eyes and well balanced. It could very well be the default theme for blender. Great job.

Seconded! The first thing I change in preferences is to use this theme… but then there is one modification I always make and I would like to suggest while we are on the topic:

I have been using this “Theme” for awhile, and agree, it is excellent. I also make the one change to the “Header Text:” to make it stand out a bit more. Otherwise, superb.

It is actually my fault that the info-header text is so dark… my fix to correct the “invisible text” in the report box got committed a while back:

Somehow I didn’t notice the effect it had on the info-header before it was too late. The header text color is used both places. I’ve been probing the code to see if the report box text can be split out, so both places can have good contrast, but haven’t figured it out yet… Sorry for the inconvenience! Needless to say, I am a huge fan of the Elsyiun theme as well.

Thanks for your work, the invisible report box is annoying in otherwise very good theme.

I recall needing to edit some things in the animation editors and text editor too. It’s tough to get it perfect I’ve noticed, because sometimes two completely unrelated text settings are tied to the same setting.

Elysiun is great and I´ve used it a lot, but recently switched to neoblue. That´s one that I would like to have distributed with offical blender.

It’s the only theme i use. To be honest i hadn’t noticed the couple of problems pointed out here until i read this thread. It’s obviously not too bad.

Great theme.