Elvan Blade


A blade I made last night (typically starting at midnight, just when I thought I was going to bed lol)
I think that if it was made in real life it would be weighted correctly, one hand in the handle (na der! =P) and the other at the bottom on the counter weight

Anyway, crits, comments, whatever =)

I’m not entirely sure how this weapon is supposed to be used:
the handle in the middle folds out (it looks like it’s been folded in on a pivot) and then it’s held in one hand and swung with the blade in front and the weight in back… but then it would swing too far…
so you put a second hand on the weight and leave the handle folded?
maybe put it in the hands of someone using it… hard to picture this one…

otherwise, I like the model, although the blade seems to come to a rounded point. and adding some textures would be nice too…

That is one weird shape for the blade of a scythe.

If it’s a pike, it points in the wrong direction.

The detail on the handle is interesting to say the least.

Looks nice. Quite creative. I’m equally bewildered as to its use as my fellow critics though. Good detail, nice clay render. I question its place in “finished projects” considering the lack of materials or textures, though. Those are quite needed to give it a final bit of shine.

Sorry, I guess I didn’t note this in my post above, this is really just a quick model study of a sketch I did. I consider it finished model wise, and really don’t plan to continue it much, so that’s why I put it in the Finished Projects section.

Concerning the use of the blade, think of large circular flowing actions (you don’t want to have to try and stop this thing mid swing), and of a very, very bulky guy handling it.
Also, I went to the point of making a diagram :slight_smile:
For best balance and center of weight, the user would have to stay low and crouched, and I’d hope to the heavens above that he knows what he is doing with this thing! lol
I’d say my physics are still out, but considering it’s an aesthetic model I’m pretty happy with it.

Thanks for the comments =)

I just have to comment that it looks too mechanical and complicated to be elven, elves usually tend to have more elegant, “flowing” tools than that.

It does look quite nifty though, good work. :wink:

I think so too… but this could be a tool of an middle-age-terminator :smiley:

i like it, they could be futuristic elves :smiley:

Wiggie - Quite correct if you’re talking Tolkien Elvan terms, all their stuff is organic, half of it being a living thing :slight_smile: But, if you have ever seen Dark Elves (I think that’s them? Not a big fan really) in Warhammer 40K they have very strange and highly sophisticated weaponry. But meh, I really just chose the name really quickly as it didn’t have one =)

spazz - Do you really want to give something like this to a Terminator? =P It’d change them from the killing machines they already are to blood-crazed lawn mowers! Wait a second… Smerity begins to walk away Must go… Many things to do… dashes towards nearest phone, checks phone book for SkyNet

Dsaber - thanks, yeah, future elves it is slightly insane and evil laugh

Anyway, quick update, just cuz I had a spare hour (now 11:49, not quite midnight lol), I ‘sharpened’ the blade, added a few bits and pieces, but mainly, added a sort of good luck charm the Elvan warrior would wear around his chest as he goes into combat

very nice m8,
though the elf must have a small head unless the good luck charm clasps at the back??
good work

Great work on the modeling! Would look much better textured.

so its like the grimreapers(me) staff ;).looks awesome may i have it for my futur :P.