Elven, or is it elvish, woman (small update)

I attatched another render of my elf. I increased the hair density to 12000 and tweaked the mesh a bit.

My first finished 3D pic of the new year. Yay me. As you can see I did some particle fun with hair and that fur lining.


Modeled in Blender and rendered in internal.
Small amount of post pro in photoshop.

I have to say, that this new particle system is so freaking sweet.

Definitely one of the better Blender heads I’ve seen. I can imagine some might say it’s not very feminine, but I think that’s alright. Really good job; I especially like the pose in the lower left corner.

Some critiques:

  • The hair isn’t very dense. It’s alright to be thin on the sides of her head, but being able to see her scalp on the top/front of her head is strange. Other than that the hair looks great.

  • The skin seems a bit too shiny. It’s not noticeable on the face so much, but it stands out on the veins in the ears. Maybe a skin pore-like texture mapped to spec would help?

  • The bottom lobe of the ears seems a little big, even for an elf. They kind of stick out on the front view. This is just a personal opinion, though.

  • The eyelids seem to be covering too much of the eye toward the inside corner. This makes her look slightly cross-eyed in the front view. Again, this is a personal opinion and more of a character design issue.

  • The cheeks look sunken, especially in the top right image. It may just be the angle, though.

  • Maybe increase the spec hardness on the eyes, they seem a little glassy. I think a smaller spec highlight would make her look more aware. You could probably also increase the spec on the lips to make them stand out from the surrounding skin more.

  • Put a plane (green, possibly?) behind her to cover up the enviroment/HDRI map. It’s distracting. Disregard if these are test renders.

I hope those were helpful and not too harsh. I really like the character, but I think you could push it further. On the flip side, there are some things that are already perfect: the shape of the lips, the nose, the neck, the cheekbones, and the general shape of the head. I also like the wispy thing about her neck. Anyway… Nice work.

First of all: You are starting of 2006 with an awesome start! A very nice project :smiley:

I agree with what is said above and I also have a few more thinks to add.

1)The chin in my opinion is coming too much forward. her face seems streched horizontaly (from the back to the front) <------>

2)That is one wicked hairdo! As said above make it denser or if you want to try more particle fun try making long hair? (as another project if you have the courage to)

3)Other than the ears its the only connection to an elf I really see. Well everyone’s idea of what an elf looks like is different (especially the hairdo :P)
I’m kinda stuck with the LotR and D&D elves. Your elf might be in the future?

Other than a small typo (whit? you mean with i suppose) Its a very nice and well executed project (I am certaintly not trying to model a face right now even though I could but the project just doesnt catch my interest and inspiration)

Thanks from the comments.

Couple of answers:

I was first messing whit the idea of doing a braided hair for her, but I must confess, that would have killed me. So I decided to go towards a bit more modern short hair cut.

Yes, the hair is not as dense as it could be, it’s only 8000 strands, if I remember correctly, so I could easily add more. I just might do that.

I wasn’t aimaing towards LOTR/D&D elves when I made the concept. Originally I intented to cover her face whit a huge spiral tattoo, but decided against that.

Okay, I should probably do a spec map for the skin, as it now lacks one. But if I was to do that, then I might get a sudden urge to redo the texture and the bump map…

Of the eyes: designed that way.

I might do some small adjustments on the mesh tough.

Great character Hippie :slight_smile: Nice clean topology. Definitely some more density on the hair if your computer can tolerate it.


It’s a very good model but only vaguely feminine. Of course, she’s not human, so I guess that’s subjective :stuck_out_tongue:

The background and lighting reminds me of a space station. Only on close inspection did I see it was the inside of a hall. Might wanna work on that.
But other than that it’s great! Keep up the good work!

Thanks again from the comments. :smiley:

I give you that, she isn’t a supermodel, but that something you just have to live whit. :stuck_out_tongue:

The bakcground actually is just a HDRI probe, that can be found whit little searching from the web, which actully just sits there doing nothing, as I didn’t use it as a light source.

I could try to model a BG, but my goal was just to finish the head and get decent looking hair, so I’ll have to see about that.

Yikes… that’s incredibly in depth and professional looking.

In the words of another, it doesn’t look terribly feminine, but I’d have a hard time mistaking it for a man.

She looks like something from star trek. :stuck_out_tongue:

its elven :wink:

nice model by the way.

XrQLz :wink:

Thanks xrqlz, that was what I thought too. Elvish would be a language.

Anayo: Your kind words make honor to my humble little lady.
I suppose you are referring on Vulcans or those other pointy ears, what, Romulans were they? Didn’t even think about that, but maybe I should name her Msr. Spock then?

Actually, it depends mostly on what you’re using asa source about the elven stuff. Some people right it as Elvish both for people and language, some have Elven people but the Elvish language, and some have Elven for both. I’m personally a both Elven people, for some reason I just don’t like Elvish.

Anyways, after that ridicoulous rant, the model is still great, although it doesn’t really look that feminine. many people have already said this, but the face to me doesn’t quite look like either gender. I’m not sure why, though. Good work, and keep on Blending!

XrQLz :wink: