Elven Project

While sitting around doing nothing when I’m meant to be studying for exams i decided to start a project I have wanted to do for a while. Basically a bridge leading into a gatehouse guarding the entrance to a mountain valley. I had to start somewhere so started with the bridge. This is one of the spans that I have got so far, needs to be joined properly in the middle but haven’t wanted to do that yet until i have everything done for one half of it that i can then just duplicate. Tell me what you think.http://photos-e.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v248/124/42/507185536/n507185536_3024820_7868.jpg

Looks really good. Love the detail in the main part. Can’t wait to see more!!

a little bit more detail done, needs lots of material work, i like the blue on the jewel though, also trying to sort out the arches a bit better. it will be seen from a distance so im not sure if i will be putting much more detail into this. Have to start work on the main gate, that’ll be fun.

Yea I think that might be enough for a long distance shot. It looks really good but what is with those two wire-like things off teh right side. Doesn’t look right but you might know more then me :slight_smile:

Those are part of the arches being made for the underneath of the bridge, they just don’t have a bridge over the top of them at the moment. I have now pretty much modeled the stone work that will attach to the main towers, now i have to level things up and put down the walkways and start work on the towers.http://photos-d.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v248/124/42/507185536/n507185536_3026627_9384.jpg

Here are the towers, need more work but basic idea

Here is the towers and bridge pretty much done as far as the modeling goes. Have a little bit of material stuff done atm but the materials and textures will come latter. Im not great at them so they always seam to ruin my projects and i give up because of it. Anyway bridge and towers, waiting on the walls, main gatehouse and the surrounding mountain side.

Last update for the night. Made a start on the gatehouse, its going to be tricky to add enough detail for it to look good. What do you think so far?

I like that a lot, good work.

-Looks really good so far I like the design-

-it has a Devil May Cry feel to it-

Could you show a wireframe and explain your way of modelling a little?

Blizzard will might to hire you soon :slight_smile:

beautiful architecture! it screams star wars (the new ones) or lord of the rings. i can just imagine a deep jungle behind it with waterfalls in the distance.

Devil May Cry rulez.i love the bridge,and i love Elves(remind me of Warcraft:D)

@ Musk
Here are some wire frames of it all. Most of the main modeling hasn’t been that hard, just mostly geometric shapes. A lot of the detail has come from using curves and then BevObj with Bezier circles to get a lot of the pipe pipe detail. Also a lot has been done be spinning shapes around the 3d cursor when I have it where I want it.


@ Ward7299
Yeah that is the general idea I have for the scenery, i foresee it being a bit of a challenge, will be great if i can get it right

The walls pretty much done, might chuck some more details on around the bottom once I have the terrain done better. The flat plain on the right hand side covering half of the wall is where the mountain side terrain will be. Thoughts so far?

Added the gatehouse and fixed the ratio of the wall tops up, i think it works better now. I have one more big tower to build behind the gatehouse, and then gotta make the terrain look good!! I’m pretty happy with what I have at the moment. Any other comments?

Looks great. Thanks for the wires and the explaination. Are you modelling the ornaments onto the wall in one piece or are they just put into the wall as separate objects/meshes?

A mixture of both. For the big spidery looking ornaments they are separate meshes that are placed over the top of another mesh. The windows however were made and then linked into the main meshes they are part of. Where it was possible and easy I joined meshes up after making them separately, deleted the faces and then made new faces around the ornament. Every separate section of things is parented to an empty though, such as all the parts of the wall, to make the rotating and scaling much easier.

I think it would be really great if you could write a tutorial about how you did this. Lots of people would be interested in that - me, for example. This is beautiful work.