Elven Ranger

Ok, I’m ready ( I think) for some critiques on my elven ranger. I made her in makehuman then imported her into blender to edit & cloth for animation. She is just 1 of the character’s in a short I will b working on soon. I’m having a lot of issues with the cloth simulator plus I don’t know where to add the bones I need to give her breast dynamic animation. My creatures will b modeled from scratch but makehuman is such a great compliment to blender I let it speed up my work flow while I learn.

Please let me know what u think.

Is there a reason that no one replied to my character?

I takes a lot to get a reply to a thread but just keep posting and soon enough you will get your replies.

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Thx. Will do.

looking good but the only thing that doesn’t look right is the texture for the clothes. The cloth simulator is a bit tricky. I’ve been trying to get it to work for a little bit now. For the dynamic breast try to look up a tutorial on it or go to blendswap.com to see if a model has one

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Hey sleeper g, the character is looking good.
The areas that can be improved in my opinion:
-over-all lack of textures.
-skin shader is actually quite nice but a bit less SSS and less spec would look better in my opinion (looks kinda oily now)
-the way cloths sit on the model is not very elegant. I guess I expect elves to be very elegant haha
-the bump on the pants is way too strong!

Cool work so far, keep it up!

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It really is. I try to follow the tutorials but something always acts differently for me then on the tutorial. I’m looking up the dynamic breasts tutorial now, thx.

I agree. The skin does need work but I’m still teaching myself plus Right now I don’t have ready access to a computer so I have to get n where I fit in. I did want my elf to look more elegant, elves are majestic beings & that should always be evident even in a wood elf. Thx 4 the comment.