Elven Warrior

Greetings. Maybe some people remembermy old Elven Warrior thread in WIP forum. This was a while ago. Now I deceided to get back to the project.

Currently I am working on clothes and armour mostly, less on the model of the character itself. I’d like to hear your c&c on this.
I myself feel the clothes are wrong and I should work more on them.

Please scroll down for the latest render

P.S. There is a minor lighting lag in the first picture, not a modeling one.


This is a good start. Only good three crits at this time:

  • Try to make a “bubble” inside of his mouth, it looks really strange right now.
  • After that it’s just the textures, but I guess that you already know that.
    -Try working on the lightning, to me it looks like he’s standing in front of a huge spotlight.

Thanks for your reply. I agree about the mouth area, working on the teeth now so it should be fixed soon.

The lighting however is so bright and strange looking because I wanted to light up all the details of the model, and thus created quite a bright and complex lighting setup. I will make another lighting setup once the model is finished and I move to the texturing part.


Looks good. My main two crits are: the upper lip seems to have a very sharp edge below the nose, might want to smooth that out a bit. Next is the hood seems to bulge out weirdly, and also doesn’t seem to be affected by gravity, mainly around the neck and shoulders.

Aren’t elves supposed to be small and friendly like Orlando Bloom?


Doesn’t he just make you feel like you drank a cup of spices and stood on your head for ten minutes?

[edit] I just realied I wanted to mention the strange artifacts in his clothing. If this is a geometry error you’ll have a great deal of trouble texturing the model. Be sure you tackle this issue ahead of time. [/edit]

@mr_bomb: I agree about both, the lip and the hood. I will try to solve the problem in the next render.

@Desoto: I think the clothing artifacts you mean, is just a lighting issue. As I mentioned in PS: There is a minor lighting lag in the first picture, not a modeling one.


his skull is to strong for a typical elve in my opinion.
i do not know if you aim for an elve like JRT created.

the cloth is great while the rings and pircings in his face distract
or even disturb me when i think about him as an elve.


Yaargh! Must Kill Orlando… Actually no i’ve seen fiercer elves in the legendsong trilogy big books small word the first is 544 pages long and the fourth is 2400, the fifth is gunna be the biggest yet. Anyway back on topic the scar things are too symetrical and the upper lip seems too sharp anyway other then that great model! :stuck_out_tongue:

Devil in Disguise 890>

Not if he scarified himself; some sort of ritual. I agree about the lips though.
Keep updates coming Antiggo.

It’s been a while since I last updated the thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Unfortunately the previos renders are down, and I don’t have any backup of them.


I changed the lighting in this one and I am soon going to start on texturing it. Any suggestions on the armor and/or clothes would be apreciated. Maybe an arrows bag on his back?


that is awsome!!!
great job. Could you tell me how many verts it has.
and I think you should have a quiver of arrows and mabe a bow in his hands or somthin.

Wow, it looks awesome. So how long have you been working on this guy all together?

The only problem I can see is in the hood. At the very top there’s a tiny black mark. And on our right, the folds in his hood seem pretty sharp. Is that still because of the lighting? If it is then, man, you need to fix the lighting. :wink: Also, the hood almost looks as if it lacks thickness. Or is that a lack of OSA?

(Is this the same dark elf you posted with textures at brickfilms so many moons ago?)


Amazing work. Nothing to crit.

Very nice. I especially like that pin-thing that holds the cloak together.

My crits:
At first glance, it seemed to me his arms were cut off. Maybe make the shoulder guards follow the sholders more. Also, the armor seems to float on the body (or maybe it’s just very thick).
The chain at his neck is too parallel to the armor, doesn’t seem to really lay on his skin, and the links are too thin / too big (perhaps use a more flattened shape). The handle of the sword seems a bit too long to me, but then I know nothing of swords.
Finally, the hood seems a bit blown up while being glued to the head at the top (hope you can see what I mean). If it started as a cube, just do a bit more of what you did to shape it, and maybe make the folds a little flatter at the top, and take them a bit higher.

Great work all in all, I can’t wait to look at it when it’s finished!

Great stuff
Maight want to work on there?

Thanks for your comments.

The whole model is 389008 verticles, and yes, it’s the same model I posted on brickfilms forum a few month ago. I’ve been working quite a while on this project with a lot of breakes.

@mexx: I agree about the arms, but I hope that when I will texture the model they will be more noticebale. Otherwise I will remodel the armour around the shoulders. And good point about the chain, I will have to remodel it also.

@Giangmatrix: Thanks for the critique, the image was quite helpful.


This is the latest update. mexx and Giangmatrix pointed out about the hood shape, I tried to change it, I think it looks better but still needs a lot of work. I also added a quiver of arrows on his back and worked on the lips and other detail.

Comments and critique are highly apreciated.