Elvira's triumphiant return in color

Hi gang. I’ll just grap this old thrad to new use :smiley:

Some of you might remember this particular crappy pic I drew some time ago:


So happens I made a colored version out of it:


So, feel free to pass your comments.

Made with PSP7 and my trustworthy Wacom board.

—old info—
It’s made with pencils, little color correction in PSP7. Sorry about the crappy scan. but my scanner is piece of crap junk. And the original is A3.

I can’t stop looking at the cleavage when she’s on TV and then I look at this and it’s the same thing. I’m hypnotized!

Nice drawing BTW.


lol I had that poster a long time ago


Nice job. I like that, and I like Elvira.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice to know I’ve succeeded :stuck_out_tongue:

…and this one is just for bumps…

So? nothing to say about my colorization?

so really? no-one?

the legs and hands are very grey compared to the skin of her face and chest.

the red spots on her cheeks are a little weird, i cant read whats on the sign at the bottom, and her black dress thing has no depth.


thanks, very happy :smiley:

As for legs, pantyhose.

AS for cheeks, well, a bit overkill blush. I know.

And the singon bottom? well, thats my signature. Nothing special.

But very happy, thanks.

nah i meant at the bottom of the gravestone thing, looks like “HOHNG”

Oh that, it says “hoping”.

Yeah, I know, my hand writing sucks.