Elvis Hair HDRI

This is kind of a finished proj. It’s a finished subset project of a larger project.
This is the Elvis character from Newton’z Apple. I applied new hair and lit it with HDRI, and rendered in Yafray. Then I did some post in photoshop.
What do you think?
P.S. Sorry if you’ve seen this already, I pulled it out of another post. :smiley:

Looks amazing to me! Can’t wait to see it! Hmm might have to mess around with HDRI lighting.

Looks great. His pupil seems to be poking out from under his eye-lid, though.

looks great, might make a cool animation. i like the pupil thing no one else does that.

Thing is that while the pupil looks cute and all like this it might look very wrong when the lid is closed completely.

Only thing I’d go on and improve on this model is the fur itself, try making it thinner in the edges, I think that’d give it a much smoother look.