elyiun fantastic site except...

(Rob) #1

It is great to have the elysiun site, in fact it is vital to exsistance.

Trouble is the first thing I see when I go to the elsiun site is:

'Hey everyone,

By now most of you will probably have heared the bad news about NaN technologies. On march the 14th they released a statement …’

OK so regulars know it is old news. For anyone new it is a big turn off!

Please please please delete, or move that news somewhere far away.



(CurtisS) #2

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I go to “www.elysiun.com” I get Timothy’s welcome screen describing the changes he is making to the site.
Try dumping your internet temp files and logging in again.

(snowy_duck) #3

curtis s thats what i get too. oh does anybody like the new website design? i don’t paticularly like it. like if it was like this when i first irived it would be fine. the other style is kinda like home with all blender related stuff. when nan went down this bacame home now its like moving. not that i’m saying this style is bad or anything! i’m just saying i liked the other one better because u get used to it.

(orange) #4

I think the new site is alot better. I can actually read the text, it isn’t so dark. Before I was selecting/highlighting all the article text just to be able to see it clearly… :stuck_out_tongue:

(stukkm) #5

i kinda like the new design but it’s just that when i first heard about it i figured it’d have a new colour scheme.

y’know, it might be interesting to have the old blender.nl site’s design. i’d like that at least

(Rob) #6

I just discovered that my favorite link was pointed to:

Thats why I was getting the old stuff!


(joecool) #7

home, snowy duck? Home to the blender heads from way back is the NaN forums. :frowning:
elysiun is home away from home.
Good job, kib!

(overextrude) #8

For some reason, when I look at the Elysiun site with its new ‘standardized’ appearance, the notion of a kids playroom comes to mind- bright colors and cute little pictures. By comparision, NaN’s original design was much simpler, but it also sported a much higher degree of visual sophistication.

(CurtisS) #9

I think the Elysiun redesign is very well done. The colors are nicely balanced and the navigation is just as good or better then the previous design. Good job, Kib!